Shadow Lords. WHAT?

So… I play orchid mainly and i was fighting someone on mulitplayer but with shadow lords stuff. He went to go do the Ultra, he got at least two hits on me or so in his ultra and my guardian has the ability to psychic break. I broke his ultra. WHAT THE F*CK?


That’s guardians for ya.

After that happened. I kicked his ■■■ XD THANK YOU GUARDIANS!!!

What health were you at when you broke the utlra?

one hit away from dying if he didnt ultra me.

Ah the magic pixel eh?

Yep. Gotta love it huh? haha.

Gues it gives more incentive to use a ram guardian then.But I guess that also means the killer ram is becoming less useful.

True. I feel like if people start finding out about it that they will complain and it will get taken out or de-buffed…

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure this was meant to be a thing. I never really used the ram much so eh. I prefer the exemplar.

What does that one do again? Sorry i havent played in bit.

Gives you parries.

Oh right lol. WHat character do you use?

ARIA!!! YAS! I always wanted to know how to use her haha. Cheap combos are all I got with her. Orchid, Hisako, Maya, and sometimes Mira and Kim Wu. But Orchid is my life.

Sounds like you main almost all the females.

mainly. I tend to use them more easily.

I see. I main ARIA and Sadira. Fulgore as a sub and maybe kilgore in there perhaps.

I havent used kilgore yet. Is he good?

Can’t really say. Since I got bodied in my only match with him so far in SL. I’ll complete this SL run with him and hold off till he’s available for training.