Shadow Lords. WHAT?

Fair enough. People have been saying how hes a rip off. Yeah he is a little. But he has enough different about him that makes him his own character.

Well, I said this before but “technically” speaking fulgore is a “ripoff” of kilgore since you know…he came first. Eh, for me I might not even play him. But I will figure out his weaknesses once he’s out.

Whatever Fulgores weakness is, so is kilgores basically.

Not necessarily. From a gameplay perspective they have different thing to figure out.

True i guess.

But I still need to improve my ARIA. Still many things to find.

Same with all my other characters. I cant handle Jago. AT ALL.

Have you been playing fighting games often? A vet? Or you still green?

Im vet. Jago players a little fuckers

Oh yeah? Do you use the training mode?

not as much as i should

There might be your problem.

true haha

You should ask around for tips from other players. Could give you some insight.

i used to play a lot of people on here actually. Hell, i trained some people haha.

Oh really? Is that so. You must be quite the player then.

I try haha.

Well, anyway your question has been answered (well awhile ago but yeah). So…yeah…I guess that’s it.

yep XD

Being able to break an Ultra was one of those “happy accidents” that i was completely fine with staying in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty cool!