Shadow lords release sept. 20th? Ouch

Following along on twitter and caught this little tidbit although I’m a bit unclear since it was Twitter. if so… wow i think most of us were expecting season to end in the next couple weeks. wonder if they’ll address this…

Not really anything to address, is there? At the end of Season 2 we had ARIA for a month or so before we got the Story update, I believe.

I would be surprised if we aren’t still getting the 8th character this month.


That really sucks, especially given that shadow lords is already pretty much installed in the game files already.

I’m a little annoyed. For a mode that seems to be basically done, that’s awfully far away.

Seems like it’s to sync up with the release of Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition, though, so I guess it’s just the means to an end.

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If the only reason it was delayed is because of the DE I will be furious that they are catering to new players instead of the loyal ones who have been here since the start.

I dont mind delay. Got more time to git gud.


I’m pretty sure the definitive edition is just a deadline since the game has to be complete by then.

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I think people are really underestimating how much stuff is being crammed into the Shadow Lords mode. The are essentially making a whole new game within KI.

I too was surprised that it was so far off, but there’s not much that can be done about it! Like they said, they’re taking time to perfect everything and make sure it comes packed full of fun stuff for us. Gives me something to look forward to!


Just signed up to have Shadow Lords preview. I’m disappointed by the release date, but since it’s tied to a multiplayer mode, I understand the need for extensive balancing.

Edit: Just to be clear, it looks like you have to be at EVO to sign up for the preview.

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Thanks for that, I was just about to start scouring the internet looking for a means of signing up.

i guess it always just said “later this season”, though it listed “new multiplayer mode” under july. Easy to see why people expected it around this month as opposed to September. However, if they “address” it. ie come out and say “its taking longer than we thought because were putting in more than when we started” or “there is some unforeseen complication that we now have to fix or something” or even “we’re polishing and balancing because we want to make it great!” you know, acknowledge whats going on in some way, most people respond very positively to that.

If nothing is said or addressed it just sort of comes off like “you’ll get it when we say you get it, be happy you’re getting it at all” which just feels disrespectful. Some of us are adults with careers and everything y’know. But honestly, with the keits vs the community thing thats going on right now (dont really know what it is, but i see reasoning from both sides all over the place), i can see why IG might take it out on all of us.


I feel like the physical release is the cause for the delay, not to mention the delay of the multiplayer mode that was promised for July. I think now the people that were upset about the gold skin should REALLY be upset lol

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No one likes a delay. But that’s how it goes. The idea that if they communicated it better people wouldn’t complain is a nice idea but I don’t see much evidence that this is true.

I wouldn’t be confident that shadow lords is 100% done but if they are putting the content on the disc and those are expected to be in stores in Sept. 20th then that content will have to be 100% done within the next week or two. Making those discs takes some time.

What I think is more likely is that Shadow Lords won’t be on the disc, you will have to download a big update for it once you install the game. Remember that no matter how obsessed people are with physical media the Xbox One can’t run games off the disc anyway.

I certainly understand why people are disappointed they have to wait, but I’d really like folks to reconsider these “why are they favoring them over us” type statements. I don’t think they are really accurate. What they are favoring are coherent announcements and release dates.


I don’t think they’re favoring anybody. I think they’re doing what they have to do. Even though I feel that this physical release is screwing season 3 owners because of the delay. I’m buying the disc though. However I must say playing shadow lords before the new people with discs would’ve been a nice incentive for buying digital.

anytime any developer or administrator has jumped in a thread and said “okay this is how our workflow goes, and this is why x,y and therefore z…” has had a ton of “ohhhh. ok, i understand take your time” kinds of responses. Like any relationship, IG we love you, we just need you to communicate better. We’re not developers, we have no idea what goes on inside your studio let alone your heads.

I’m firmly on the side (and ive seen evidence of this in other game forums as well) that if a delay will make the game better, go for it. In a few years time, NO one will remember the game was late, but everyone will judge you on the final product forever.

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I mean, sept 20th gives us time for character 9, right?


Where on the character select screen would that be?

Random slot? Just reassign random to a button press like LB or something.

All the other characters had their own slot on the roster, just blacked out. Why would they go through the effort to program a random slot when they were gonna replace it with a 9th character anyways?

No, I don’t buy it.