Shadow lords release sept. 20th? Ouch

Shadow lords is already in the game, if they released the disc today it would include shadow lords. All we’re waiting for is for them to unlock it which they will do early for the people that signed up.

Sad to hear. September is the start of a very busy season for me at work. Wish I could’ve played the hell out of the single player SL mode during summer break but now it looks like a long KI hiatus is coming for me. I hope EVO rocks and the new character too, so I can still have pleasant memories before bowing out.

People say this and certainly some version of shadow Lords is encoded already. But I would be very surprised if this represents the finished version that will launch in September. Very surprised.

How do u sign up to the shadow lords beta?

Sooooo… why did they release Gargos sooner, instead of leaving him for last (like they usually do with season “bosses”)?
As far as I recall, they decided to launch him earlier because of this mode, instead of leaving him for last. Now we’re fast approaching the final character and still no Shadow Lords…


They are clearly screwing all of us over for new fans. I guarantee they will not tell us it was moved to September due to more work being done on it. It’s 100% because of the disc version.

Cinematics take time to make. Balancing has to be done because the items are tied to the new multiplayer mode. Just because we don’t have an answer, doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason.

I actually believe it’s the opposite. I get the feeling the work and balancing on Shadow Lords has been holding up the physical release.

Between cinematics, balancing (especially the multiplayer side) and just the overall workload I think SL still has plenty of work to be done, hence the early access plans to help with balance.

Creating and shipping the physical disk
Will be a much shorter timeframe.


A month or so is not the same as over a 2 month gap…and that’s with #8 releasing in July.

The physical version still has to wait for #8 to be done, because it’s going to be included on the disc.

SL was never promised in a particular month, it will be ready when it’s ready.

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The multiplayer mode was promised for July though and now its coming some time AFTER shadow lords. I’m salty lol but it’s not a big deal and I’m also getting the disc version so whatever.

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There has been some sort of delay associated with every season. Almost every game under development sees delays. The projects are big and have a lot of moving parts. I wish more gamers understood how tough it is to manage a project like this and hit all the deadlines. The only way to announce a date and hit it is if you set the deadline six months after you expect the project to be done - and I don’t think any of us want that. We have been getting a steady stream of content and if they need a month or two to get these modes in shape… Well, that’s okay with me.

The problem is I don’t think it was a delay for quality I think it was honestly for the disc release. Which pisses me off it that turns out to be true.

Also there’s tons of new games coming out in September it’s probably the biggest month for new games. It’s he worst month for new modes.

I’m guessing delay is to make the stage fully functioning for other mode use - it’s gonna be Gargos’ stage after all. They never initially planned there to be a 4th stage this season.

Not to be this guy, but in the absence of real information you don’t really know this. SO you have a choice of believing something that makes you mad or something that doesn’t. It’s more of a personality test than any kind of evidence based discussion.

The only way to know for sure is if the disc arrives and doesn’t require any form of downloadable update before playing the mode. I would be tremendously surprised if this was the case - but it would suggest that the completed code was printed to the disc. Of course, a download won’t prove that the mode wasn’t delayed for the disc but it would suggest that they at least kept working on some aspects of the game right up until the September launch - which I think is very very likely.

And I know I’m in here a lot being the cranky old man, but in the nicest way I want to encourage you not to by hyperbolic. I don’t really think we are getting “screwed” in favor of new players by having to wait two months for Shadow Lords. For one, I think the majority of people who buy the disc are likely to be existing players who want physical media (I don’t get it, but I’m pretty sure this is true). They are “double dipping” because KI has a small but fanatical fanbase. It’s much more likely that those of us who have already supported the game will keep paying. I’m sure we will pick up some new people too, but I’d be surprised if existing owners didn’t account for half the sales or more.

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SO Shadow Lords is the story mode for season 3 or will story mode be separate from Shadow Lords?

It’s the story mode. There will be cutscenes

thanks :ok_hand: