Shadow Lords Mode

Hope those early access codes go out today to those who’ve been selected, I want to hunker down and watch some gameplay asap.

Just watch? You didnt apply for one yourself?

Personally I cant wait and hope to get early access myself this week…

EVO goers and the Top 3 winners of the KI Random Character Tourney are confirmed to be getting codes first. So many people on the forums will probably not be getting them all too soon.

But who knows, maybe the devs will grace @xCrimsonLegendx for that insanely detailed breakdown he did of the stream.


I’m going to take a wild guess and say everyone else who applied for the beta who’s not an EVO person/tournament winner will get their codes next week or the week after that.

I don’t know for certain, but it makes sense to me that they’d let all those folks get access at least a week or two before everyone else does, and they still have to give codes semi-early before Shadow Lords comes out, because…well, it’s not a beta if you get it when it comes out! :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder does your beta unlocks carry over to the real launch?

I don’t think it’s a beta. The definitive version went gold already which means the game is finished. I think the early access is a full version but will receive updates/patches when the definitive version releases. Well, that’s my theory lol


So I think unlocks will be kept lol

Still on my “KI Shadow Lords” strike of not seeing anything related to that. I’m really trying to go in blindly. Want to be blown away.

Like this:


Are we gonna be flooded with spoilers from the people with early access? Please tell me it won’t be so.

I’ve been keeping up with all the Shadow Lords content, and as far as story goes, there hasn’t been much to spoil.

I feel there should be liberal use of the “Spoiler” function in the forums regarding SL. Or, at the very least require that all spoilers be in 1 thread.

Which I still don’t know how to use.

[spoiler], and [ /spoiler] with whatever you want to be blurred in between.

Just take the space out of the /spoiler one.

Got it thanks.

There’s going to be a Shadow Lords section on the forums I think.


Ooh! Fancy. :slight_smile:

There’s going to need to be. It’s not just going to be things like “how do I get x ending” like the last story mode(s). There’s entirely new mechanics being introduced, which means a whole new meta revolving around the different items/guardians, enemy powers, and mission types.


Well I think in the stream they had said there would be one for feedback, that’s locked to people who aren’t in the beta.


Another reason why there needs to be one.
Also, on a slightly related note, does this mean we’ll get a “Shadow Lords Tester” forum title if we get in? That’d be sick.

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You’re right though, we need an entire Shadow Lords forum for all the discussion that will erupt.

A tester title would be pretty sweet but I don’t think its in the cards. xP

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