Shadow Lords: Is it fun?

Speaking for myself I think that Shadow Lords is kinda intresting. It puts a new twist in the KI story honestly.


Essentially Heroes and Heralds mode in Killer Instinct. I can dig it.

I’m loving it at the moment. The fact that you are playing as a team, and thus can choose to fight the matchups that you like (for the most part), keeps it interesting to me. That, on top of all the lite RPG elements.

I do feel as though there are improvements that can be made, but for the most part I enjoy it and just want more of it.

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I think it’s okay…

I would not mind it if it did not make me ■■■■■■ player online. Dumb AI and powerups make me sloppy.

This mode could be so fun if it weren’t for the stupid AI :frowning:

I liked it but the transition time and loading times is too long for me.

I just beat gargos with all buffs on normal and it was easy although I used the shadow Lord item lol but still I didn’t expect to beat him with my first character. It’s fun because you can challenge yourself by trying the different difficulties and trying with/without buffs. I’ll probably try challenging mode with all buffs next.

I like it. My only gripe (I said this before) is that I just wish IG reverted the “turns” back to days. It sounded way better and more immersive.

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Judging by the fact that I went and manually unlocked all the mimic skins (barring Omen and Gargos. They looked cool enough to use the last of my Gold on right away) and just hit the 50 daily rewards achievement without doing the multiplayer by actually playing for 50 days straight…
I’d say I’ve enjoyed it a fair bit. :slight_smile:

I am getting a bit burnt out though. Hopefully the November update that’s been teased (the one that should bring the Eyedol quest as well as some new guardians and fluff text) reignites my fire.

■■■■! I just hit the 20 day mark.

Do we know that it is coming in November?

@BlitzedKraig teased that November would be when the next Textual Stream is, and text streams typically only pop up when they have something they want to show us.

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Season 4! :smiley: lol

I enjoy it as a new story-based mode unlike many others.

As someone that doesn’t prefer multiplayer, this mode is a godsend. I love going in and trying to dig out more and more dossier files, hopefully unlock some mimic skins at some point and see how many turns I can last before Gargos arrives… It’s an absolute blast.

Only things I’d like to see:

-Ability to unlock the stage on normal difficulty.
-More pre-match text and missions that actually involve lore, rivalries, and actual cannon story stuff to supplement the dossiers and videos.
-More videos! Like… I lot more. I’m not saying this because I feel cheated or anything, I’m just saying this because I’d like more story.
-More guardians and consumables.
-More unlocks like mimic skins.

So yeah, more of everything. If the biggest complaint that I can lodge against the mode is that I simply want a lot more of it, then I’d say they’re doing well! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t surprise me. Just look at the space between the end of season 1, the announcement of season 2 and launch of season 2, literally just a few months in between.

Its pretty cool. I would have played this more than anything else had something like this been in the game when I began playing in Season 2. I’ll still play enjoy it, but I’ve come to really appreciate the Shadow Lab. I completely neglected it for a long time. I mainly wanted a fun way to learn characters and just the game in general and the game was lacking in that regard.

The thing about KI that really gets on my nerves is all the campy attitudes and writing. “I’ve got a freakin’ dragon” and the texts in the Shadow Lords can get real corny real quick. Nevertheless I am pleased with it.