Shadow Lords Currently Impossible?

On anything above Normal…

@Delriach apparently said during Max’s stream there was a goof and they’re nerfing SL’s difficulty… Because right now it’s impossible above Normal. Even Max got instantly wrecked at the end. Even the second OMEN is almost impossible right now… in spite of saying MEDIUM difficulty. That’s not medium.


Max was playing on Challenging not Normal. But yes @Delriach did say there would be a Server patch today (meaning no download for us) to correct some of the difficulty.

It’s definitely not impossible. Max was actually using some weaker guardians and artifacts. But there are some tweaks going in to make things much more bearable.

It’s also worth noting that Gargos got the Fang at the end, which increases his damage even more. That was why it did so much.

But tweaks :stuck_out_tongue:


Jinx! You owe me a soda!

Playing on Godlike; it’s a bit of a struggle, but I’ve taken down at least 1-2 Omens on this playthrough thus far. I did lose ARIA to one of them, though, but it happens.

Not impossible, but as mentioned, fixes are coming to make things easier.

I just posted about this on another thread, most players aren’t utilizing all the tools available, and experimenting to find what works with their characters and fighting style… this is not a mode we are meant to run through in a few hours, they made it clear the goal was maximum replay… we are meant to play it repeatedly in new ways from new angles, with new tools, and have fun doing it… Players are getting frustrated because they are being prideful, going in underprepared and under-buffed…

No tweaks please. At least not yet.

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It’s Extremely Hard on Normal as well.

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But it’s not fun when it’s to difficult.There is a difference between being challenging and being to Hard and this is way to hard. Gargos is Unbeatable at least with boss Shadow Jago You could fight him over and over until you beat him but with Gargos Once you loose all 3 characters you have to go threw all of Shadow Lords all over and over just to get back up to him and that’s not fun.

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you have to use those buffs my friend… if your going in bare bones or with flimsy buffs, you going to get wrecked…

you supposed to prevent the corruption as long as possible gathering and stock piling all the tools you can to beat Gargos, I see so many people taking about losing to gargos or reaching gargos, in such a short time, that means you haven’t played enough to get all the tools you need

what characters do you use?

I use different Character every time to try and get someone who will win. Jago, Riptor and Saberwulf are the best bet I have found so fare but even with getting rid of all his buffs and buffing up my character his still stupid difficult even on Normal.


that’s true… I can only speak for Jago from that list but , try Vampire Bat, Full Instinct & double instinct time, Double Shadow, 150% projectile for 3 days artifact, “wolf heart” (not the correct name)… pop instinct right away and get in his face, u’ll need the 15 secs of unblockable at the beginning also, Endokuken to get your health back once he combo breaks you and does damage, it helps you get a head start… this ofcourse isn’t fool proof and can go the opposite way entirely with this fool, but ive gotten him 85-90% down in the first round before he killed me, If your a better Jago, you should win the first round… I failed because I don’t have a good enough 2nd or third option so I’m lunch for Gargos after Jago, or before if I don’t start with him… I’ve decided to improve my 2nd & 3rd option and run at him again, but I want to delay seeing him as much as possible to work out strategy…

I’ve just beat shadow lords on challenging. I’m not the best player so it’s most certainly not impossible. I did however make the most out of the best consumables and guardians. A lot of fun imo.

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that’s it… you have to be on consumable Roids to stand a chance… I think I have my jago boosts set, I just need to get better at my other two characters and find whats most strategic boosts for them

Aganos: I’m thinking the regenerating extra Armor would allow me to be more reckless on offense, added to his own armor system & his heavy hits

so max got wrecked too? Yeah i was watching the stream and it took so long. So i went to bed cus it was getting late. I knew it. I knew there was something wrong with this mode. Gargos is a pain in the a*s. He already have has his 2 minions and now 3 life bars = 150% health. Gimme a break.

In all fairness max lost to gargos first time around because it was his first play through. He had the most basic guardians and consumables. The mode is designed for multiple play throughs. Plus they want you to open packs. I spent the 18k gold we got for season 3 on the best packs and I now have the best guardians. I’ve just beat it on challenging thanks to having the best load outs and it was tough but fun.

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Not impossible imo. I did one playthrough of “challenging” before I did the “normal” last night. Going to try again today. Just takes the right combination of stuff. Tbh though I kind of like it reminded me of those hours spent trying to beat him in KI2.

I want that Gargos mural with his minions.

did you do this before or after the update the put out that nerfd him

What time did the update come out? I got home from work around 5:30 EST yesterday.

not sure but the Tweet went up 6 hours ago