Shadow Lords completed: 106%!


YES!! Finally got every dossier, video, item and skin available in this mode. Huge thanks to @TotalJimkata for adjusting the drop rates, which allowed me to grind for those final Eagle dossiers.

Anyone else in the 106% club? I’m honestly not trying to take a victory lap here, I swear. I’m just really excited to finally have those last dossiers. :grin:

Also wanted to say how much I absolutely loved this mode. All in all, it’s one of the best fighting game modes I’ve ever played, hands down.

Using rewards for playing to be able last longer while earning dossiers and videos to help flesh out the characters and the story made for an awesome gameplay loop that’s had me grinding for hours on end and loving it.

I don’t know what the future holds for this game or this series, but I hope we get more of it somehow, some way.

I’d love to see this mode in particular expanded further in either future DLC for this game, such as additional guardians, new regular / special items, new mission trees with videos and additional dossiers for new or existing characters, or an all encompassing, epic story mode built around this structure that actually progresses both individual plot lines as well as the overarching narrative, perhaps revolving around the Ultratech Tournament, either in this game or in a new game.

Whatever happens, and this might sound cheesy, but I actually feel compelled to thank the developers that worked so hard to bring this unique concept to fruition and executing it so well. I’d imagine it’s tough to blaze a new trail, but you all crushed it. I’ve had so many awesome experiences playing this game over the years, but this has definitely been one of the best!


Once I can manage some time away from work… I’ll try for the 106. But at the moment I’ve been trying to get through Gold - Killer rank and only able to play 2-3 hours a week means I rank rather slowly… But yes, the drop rate adjustment is amazing! Now if only we could get those guardian packs to be a little cheaper :wink: :wink: yeah probably pushing it… But they were 10,000 for killer, now 15,000 for some reason? Either way, I have like 2 killer guardians left to obtain and I’ll be all set. By the time I get those I’ll have gotten my Eagle dossiers.



Truly amazing dedication to the game and mode!
If you shared on twitter please tag me @djamesgoddard & the ki twitter @killerinstinct so we can share !!!

And you unlocked all the mimic skins too?


I’m close right now I’m at 104% but, I’ll get there soon enough.


Great job! I’m at 96% right now…one day I’ll get there.


Yep! All mimic skins too. Same goes for shadow skins and all paid skins like gold, terror and Omen. :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely tweet it out as well. Thanks again, man!


All done too :wink:


Hell yeah! Congrats, man!


I just need those last 2 Killer Guardians… But with Killer packs being 15,000 instead of the 10,000 they used to be, and no Guardian specific packs in rotation anymore, it’s a pure gamble to get the one you want.


I finally decided to do some more work towards completion (currently at 100%), but am having a few issues getting to 106%, wanted to know if anyone could get me some pointers.

-My main issues are getting Omen Dossiers…I’m currently at 57% but haven’t had any drop even with the latest updates…do you pretty much have to hope for Shadow Omens?

-What exactly causes guardian and crimson guardian dossiers to drop?

I don’t have the dossier for Lore: The Hatchery’s Secret 3. Any specifics on this aside from doing the hatchery quests?


Yikes, that’s no good. Yeah, getting all the killer guardians takes forever. For some reason, I get a ton of Rams and Snakes, but getting the other ones was harder than hell. When were Killer Packs 10,000? Must’ve been a while ago. I think they’ve been 15,000 for some time.

Either way, good luck, man!

Omens were always a slow go for me. I know that Jago has an Omen specific mission and I believe that Omen has one as well. Those are the two that tended to drop the most Omen dossiers for me. I’d maybe try to keep those two in your party as much as possible. Fighting regular Omens doesn’t drop dossiers (from my experience).

Using these guardians in matches tends to help get the dossiers to drop. It might take a while, but that’s how I did it.

It’s rather involved. This is how I got it, if you’re willing to look at a step by step method of getting it instead of figuring it out yourself. Personally, I had to look at this, as I never would’ve guessed it.


Yeah when SL first dropped Packs were 10,000(may have even been the beta? or crimson packs?) and that’s when I did a lot of pulls, when they changed it later, I made this video. You may hate me… But I was lucky lol…


Well, I’ve been working on it a bit more…at 105%…I’ve got 5 dossiers left:
1 for Omen, 3 for Eagle, and then the Hatchery 3 dossier.

…sooooo close… Yet so far. That Hatchery one is going to be a b*tch.


Yeah, it takes a while, no question. Multiple playthroughs to get all the stuff you need. Best of luck, man!

I’m guessing the Eagle dossiers will drop pretty quickly, at least. I had seven of them left before the update and once that was done, I got all seven in a few days.

Ah! That makes much more sense then. I didn’t do the beta because I wanted everything to be completely new and finished and what not when I played it. Can’t watch the video at the moment (stupid work), but I’ll check it when I get home.


LOL…I have technically hit 106%, but I still have the Hatchery 3 dossier to complete.


Ugh, good luck man! I don’t think it’s as bad as it was before (back when half the people trying for it couldn’t even unlock it), but it’s still takes a bit of work.


True that…I haven’t even had the hatchery missions pop up yet, and I’ve been grinding for the past 6 hours!! :neutral_face:

Though to be fair I wasn’t trying to get it to pop up for most of that time…


Well, that didn’t take as long as I thought it would… :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

…Apparently I had already gotten partway before on the Hatchery quest(well, obviously actually, since I only had the Hatchery 3 left), so I only had to go through 2 rounds of Stalker Attacks to get enough receivers for the second half.

Anyway…all dossiers collected!!


Hell yeah man, that’s awesome!!! Congrats!


The hatchery mission doesn’t have a title, it’s a mission with 2 riptors on it. That’s what starts it, then after that you start getting hatchery stuff and some questions I believe? If you fail a question you have to restart a playthrough. I believe it always happens in Brazil too but I can’t say for certain on that, I know for sure though it’s a mission with 2 riptors, not mimics, just regular riptors.

Edit: NVM you finished it! Awesome!