Shadow lord rewards not showing up when a skeleton chest is unlocked

I have had a few matches when the rewards would not show up. I started to look closer, and it is only when a skeleton chest get unlocked also. If this is in the wrong area please move it to the right one.

Thank you

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You’re not alone.

Best post it in the Official Bug Thread so it gets their attention.

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That was what I was looking for, but I could not find it. I would move this but I don’t know how to move this thread to the right place

I have experienced the same bug, 10 times so far.

No rewards from Skeleton Boxes… will we be rewarded back with those lost keys / loots we should get?

Will this issue ever be fixed?

Maybe with 3.6? Doubt we’ll get those keys or loot back though. Its an occasional inconvenience so I’m okay with it for now.