Not Recieving Rewards (Patch 3.5 Issue)

Upon finishing a match, the game will stop after the win pose for a short while, then proceed to the rewards. I had a normal crate along with a skeleton chest yet the reward section was empty.

It happened twice already. Thought it gave me something just maybe didn’t show, I know now it just doesn’t give you anything.

Will post evidence when I experience it again.


It seems to only happen when you get skeleton chests, either you get the rewards and it doesn’t display it, or it doesn’t give you anything at all.

It’s happened twice to me too, and that’s when it happens to me, always when a skeleton chest appears.

Should probably put this in the bug reporting thread though.

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@moderators Can this thread be moved to the bug thread so it can be looked at asap?

Yeah this has happened twice to me too. First time with Gargos, second time with Arbiter. A pause on the character for a few seconds longer than normal followed by the XP screen, the defeated opponent screen and then an empty rewards screen. I was going to post about it in the big thread, but embarrassingly enough for me I couldn’t locate it lol.

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Just updated the OP to show a video of this occurrence. It happens when you get a skeleton chest.


Yeah it’s happened to me three times now. To a point where I dread skeleton chests appearing :frowning:

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-sigh- It happened to me too. Darn, I thought I was safe. It’s only happened once, at least. 2 other Skeleton chests worked fine. But my last one gave me literally nothing (froze the game for a bit too :frowning: )

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Helping contribute to make this a more known issue. The first couple of skeleton chests opened and rewarded just fine for me, then they just stopped rewarding me every one after that. It also causes a long delay after the match. By about 10 seconds or so. I was around turn 18 when this started occurring and had finished the shadows quest line. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Having a skeleton chest on Gargos produce nothing, is a bit down heartening.

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Hope you guys are keeping track of this @developers

@moderators, if this can be merged/moves to a bug section so that it doesn’t go unseen by the devs, that would be helpful. I should’ve done that initially, my fault.

Okay so a skeleton chest just cost me the rewards of a tank chest.
#I want to die.

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It’s happened to me about 5 times. Once regular, twice 2x Tank Chest, twice Skeleton Chest. One of them was a Tank+Skeleton : (

This ain’t something we should have to wait for this should be a hotfix sooner rather than later.

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Can we get this thread moved over to the bug thread by any chance @moderators?

It has honestly kept me from going back to Shadow Lords because I’m afraid of losing hard-earned items.

@TheKeits, @TempusChaoti and @rukizzel

It’s worth keeping this as a specific thread under the Shadow Lords category, but it should be reported in the bug thread if it hasn’t already.