Shadow Lord Guardians Disappearing in Anniversary Update

I noticed almost all the guardians I unlocked got deleted in this new patch, the ones that survived were the ones I regularly use; Exemplar (Common) & Crimson (Highest) and then also All of Tiger except purple, All of Owl except Yellow (Killer), All of Tiki except for Crimson. Granted I didn’t have every single one unlocked I thought it was only a visual bug where they didn’t show untill I reopened the game multiple times and even bought a basic to show up

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I forgot to mention this aswell in the post so i’ll do it here, I also noticed Mimic skins are starting to not unlock and some have not unlocked yet like glacius having 23/20 done, i started noticeing it when I started unlocking skins every fight i was doing and decided to look into it. It seems the skins I bought with KI gold like Fulgore & Rash are still unlocked but then I look at others and Killgore has 26/10.
I don’t know if these are universal bugs or just a problem with my game but i hope pointing these out gets them closer to being fixed.

Having same issues with 90% of my guardians are gone

MS is aware and working on a fix.

Regarding the skins:

During the stream they told us that the requirements for skins were reduced so you would see what you are describing.

Once you defeat the mimic one more time it will unlock the skin. If you’ve been playing for a decent length of time you will likely be unlocking the mimic skins the first time you beat them.

Unfortunately, for the season 3 toons (like rash, ram, eyedol, gargos, etc) that require you beat Gargos x times to unlock their mimic skins, you will need to beat him one more time if you’re past the limit


After playing the game for a while, I found the missing Guardians to be a bigger issue than ever before. I’m not spending a dime to get them back.

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Hi everyone, want to make sure you all know that this was reported in the Support Thread and we have found and fixed the issue that caused this. It will be released in the next patch which should be next week, we are still testing it.

This also happened to my account as well (and I have 100’s of hours into SL Mode!) and we are going to make it right. I have read the comments about not buying more (totally agree) so definitely do not spend any KI Gold on these, you will not need to do that.

Instead please send me a direct message about missing guardians and I will reply with confirmation and work with you so when the fix is live, you get covered. (going into the weekend might have some delays on my reply)

This does mean a delay, so if you want to keep playing you can, it will not affect how we solve this issue once the patch is live.

Regarding Mimic Skins- if you see your count is over like 27/25, you just need to find & defeat one more to cause the unlock to trigger. I covered this on the stream, when I reduced the requirements on these (drastically in most cased) this was a side effect (not auto-unlocked) I felt would be worth the time saved on the grind. I have a bunch I need to just find 1 more of to complete my set too!

Thanks for everyone’s continued support and reporting all the issues!


This is correct! Thanks for providing the info!

Long time player, first time poster…I too have lost most of my Guardians since the update. Since I’m new to the forums, I’m not sure I can send a DM…Please advise…Thank you for your time!

Sent you at message

I also have lost most of my Guardians since the patch. Thankfully my gold ward was not effected but i had every type of every Guardian prior to the patch. I used KI gold to get some of the last ones I needed a few years back so thats now wasted. I was waiting on the issue to be resolved but nothing yet. Any update on a fix?

Just saw your post and the KI Support Account will contact you in a direct message. This will be one of our KI Team Members.

Sorry this happened- this is a known issue that happened between 11/28 and 12/14/23 (where it was fixed/no others affected after that). Good news is that we can help you with and because we changed the way Guardian Packs work (no longer random) you will be able to get everything back & they will all be perfect versions!

Look for the support account message and this will get fixed up!

Quick update on this issue as of 2/7/24.
This happened to some accounts between 11/28 and 12/14/23. We have been helping people directly here that reached out and reported, this helped us track it down and fix it. We have just finished identifying all the accounts affected (btw mine was too- I lost a bunch!) and we are working on a solution for all the accounts affected and will update more info about it here soon.

For now, anyone affected can report it here, we will contact you directly and help you before the automated solution rolls out.

It is worth noting the guardian packs are no longer random, they give perfects and the full set common->killer rotates over 1 week. Crimsons each week. We did that back in Summer 2018!

We really are sorry this happened and appreciate everyone’s patience while we work 1:1 with reports here and get the automated solution rolled out (soon).



Hello, reaching out shortly!

Already done, that in other post, but might report here as well,
– Nearly all guardians are missing!

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We’ll reach out through direct message for further support now.

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Hey everyone- today we rolled out an automated solution that gave significant Astral Gems and KI Gold to all accounts affected by the loss of Guardians when Anniversary Edition launched. We appreciate the help all the players that reported losses and worked with us so we could look at the data and find what happened quickly and patch it within 2 weeks and confirm the hand granted Gems/Gold we did over the last 2 months worked out to ensure everyone could buy all the best guardians back + more.

We needed to make sure we had everyone’s account was correctly identified before rolling out this solution and it would work without any interruption to our players.
As of this morning (2/15/24) if your account was affected (and we did not already work with you to give you Gems/Gold) you will see your balances increased in Shadow Lords and there is a Message of the Day everyone will see noting the affected accounts received currency.

Additionally we made all 10 Crimson Guardians available in Kan-Ra’s Emporium now through 6am PST on 3/11/24. No longer have to wait weekly for these to rotate.

As a reminder, the guardian packs are no longer random, they give perfects and the full set common->killer rotates over 1 week. We did that back in Summer 2018!

Hopefully everyone here finds this is a good solution, please let us know how this worked out for you!

-James Goddard


Thanks for your hard work and support for this game still in 2024

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Thanks again James, it’s appreciated!

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Who do we contact if our guardians got deleted and we didn’t receive this compensation?