Shadow Lord General Menu Improvments

I, like many others on these boards, am thoroughly enjoying the new Shadow Lords mode, but I for one can see some places where the mode needs some work. Instead of drawing this out, I will just list them, and explain my thoughts were needed.

##Main Menu

  • Ability to navigate the main menu page with the bumpers.

I don’t know why this was over looked, but why can’t we use the bumpers to go between the 5 options here? You have to use the bumpers in Kan-ra’s Emporium to go through the categories there, it only makes sense that you can use the bumpers on other pages in the menus.

  • General Menu speed

The speed of the menu transitions are fairly fast, but I have noticed a slight delay before you can move, and just after the page has seemingly been loaded.

Since menu navigation is such a prevalent part of the game mode, I think the menus need to be a fair bit snappier.

##Guardian page

  • There should be an option to feed all your Guardian’s at once, or feed all the “Ram” Guardians, or feed all the “Common” Guardians, etc., at one time.

How these options are filtered, I’m not sure what the best way would be, but having to scroll through and find each individual Guardian I feel isn’t the best / most effective way to do this.


  • We should be able to unequip items, or at least there should be an “are you sure?” option to equip things.

  • We should be able to move between characters with the bumpers/triggers on this page, both on the main barracks page, and even on the Artifacts page.

This would speed up menu navigation slightly, as well as feel more intuitive to how modern RPGs work.

  • We should be able to manage ALL of our character’s load out here.

We should be able to assign and manage Guardians on this page, as well as tweak our load outs before specific missions. On Normal runs, I typically just assign a Guardian to a character and just roll with it through the game, only upgrading on harder missions. Being able to go to the barracks and set my characters there at the start would be a welcome change.


  • We should be able to access the Archive outside of the SLs mode.

It is a poor design choice IMO to have to enter that specific mode in order to see my progress in the mode. Many times I have wanted to create a new team, but first wanted to chose specific characters who I hadn’t unlocked certain items regarding. It is kind of annoying to have to create a new team, in order to access the archive and see my progress, only to quit out again, erase that game, and choose a different team again.

  • While navigating the dossiers, we should be able to skip pages with the bumpers, or filter the items by theme. Having to scroll so far on the World page specifically is pretty tedious.

##War Room

  • The final results screen should be skip-able on the fist button press.

I’ve skipped the results screen on accident a few time in an effort to just see my results, and then move on. IMO you should be able to “Press A” and have the page auto populate quickly, then “Press A” again to move on to the next screen.

I’m doing this off the top of my head, but I may have more suggestions latter. If I can I will add pics just for more clarity.

Thanks for reading!

YES, this 100%. I always try to move from one character to the next not realizing you can’t and have to catch myself.

Also agree with being able to view the archive outside of SL. Good call there.

Just get rid of the barracs and let us manage everything from war room.

Give us the possibility to feed guardians at war room without the need to go to guardians management room.

Yes, please. I wanna check my progress before choosing my team members, but being able to check it inside the mode is also necessary because it would be a pain to be forced to leave the mode just to check it.