Shadow Labs -- does shadow survival trigger bounties?

Simple question… when I play shadow survival, am I listed as a bounty for the player I defeated? I know of course if you do Challenge Shadow and you win, you’ll show up as a bounty for the player you beat. How about Shadow Survival?

I originally thought it didn’t but then I noticed that in my bounty replays I’m seeing matches where the opponent starts with less than full health and it’s NOT a shadow lords match. So I figured it must be from Survival… I mean, can’t be from anything else, right?

That would make sense.

Could that be why some bounties show up as zero or with “–” as the amount you’d get for defeating them? I’m assuming that’s more Shadow Lords related. Man, I really wish that they’d give us the ability to manually remove those people.


Yes, please. I got a bunch of those starting to clutter my bounty list and I can’t get rid of em.

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This is literally my entire bounty list right now, these invisible people I can’t do anything with. :confused:

Looks like I’ll have to set off a bounty chain reaction again, apparently I lost to everyone I was doing bounty rounds with despite moving up a bracket in ranked, oh well. :sweat_smile:

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