Shadow Lab data not updating

Has anyone noticed that Shadow data is not updating in Shadow Lab? I’ve challenged friends and they fought me as well. We are not receiving updates on wins and losses within Shadow Lab.

Yeah I could be wrong, but I think Shadow Lab is kinda borked right now. Not sure why or when it might be fixed, but I feel like it’s been that way for a while, unfortunately. I hope they can fix it soon, as it’s one of my favorite modes.

It seemed to be working up until a week ago. We play it often and it seemed as if last Monday, nothing is updating.
Hopefully it’s fixed soon…

Tagging James so he can pass on to his team. @TotalJimkata


I’m having the same problem, a friend of mine across the country challenges me through my shadow, this works out because we have different scheduals so we sort of play like this but for the last week or so his challenges not mine have been showing up. Any word when this is getting fixed?