Shadow Jago Tech

Little late to this side of the forums. Anyone know if these combos still work? Looking to get back into shago. I know he has been hit with a lot of nerfs from people constantly complaining.

Not tried since i’m not playing Shago anymore, but I think they should still work. Nothing really changed to him in that aspect. I know his shadow recapture changed but If anything I think it was made more consistent.

Alright thanks man. Nice videos of Raam on your Xbox feed btw. He’s pretty nasty.

Cheers, yeah he has some nasty stuff off knock down and I like the resets off advantage ender too, I think that’s really strong putting Kryll on them and getting a mix up.

Yea I seem to always forget to do that and go for the command grab. I need to start utilizing his krill armor too seems key to getting inside mixing in heavy jump ins.

I also forget that you can cancel specials with his 3 punch Kryll armour move too which is good and strong if used correctly I suspect. Anyway we shouldn’t really be talking about Raam in this thread. :wink:

Lol agreed another time in another place maybe.

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does anyone have new tech after the patches? everything i found so far is half a year old.

So I’ve been trying to figure out Shago’s neutral game. So far I’ve got three buttons.

Cr.MK, st.MP and st.HK

Does anyone else got more? I’m trying to use his Dash teleports into footsies like Oni in street fighter but Im a novice at best and I’d like to have someone with more skill test its viability.

I’ve been trying to use Gate Keeper and Dark Reckoning in neutral but I can’t figure out how to use them. Is gate keeper viable in footsies? Whenever I try it feels to slow on startup. And so far Ive been using Dark Reckoning like Jago’s Lasersword overhead. Again same problem, Dark reckoning feels too slow.

So im figuring out what Shago’s footsie buttons are.

So far theres the bnb ryu combo using cr.MK > Fireball. Now the second footsie button is Gate Keeper.

I got Gate Keeper > fireball when cr.MK won’t connect. The problem is when I do Gate Keeper > Fireball, I get Gate Keeper > Dragonpunch.

Is there an input shortcut around this? Its really hit or miss on when I can pull the move off right now…

Also does anyone have any option select linkers and save corner pressure combos? Usually on wakeup, you go Meaty > cr. LK > special. But Jago doesnt have a special he can use safely. Ive tried Gate Keeper but it doesnt come out, Ive tried Dark Reckoning but it doesnt combo. Send help!

Sorry for the lack of responses on here.
Shado Jago does struggle in the neutral, but that doesn’t mean he has decent buttons.

Cl. Mk, is a great pressure button, f+HK is another option to keep them at a distance and also is great for counter hitting if they try to wake up with jab.
His overhead is a bit tricky, it has long-ish startup but is an awesome tool. How to properly use his overhead takes some getting used too. Condition your opponent to block low as soon as you can or when you have the opportunity. Once conditioned, you can throw it around while in neutral. Or you can go for the Cr. Mk then cancel it to the overhead. Be aware that it can be shadow countered if used to often and becomes predictable.

I’ll offer some more advice either tonight or tomorrow. Also, sorry for the odd structure. Currently at work.

afaik Meaty > Dark Reckoning doesnt combo. I was corner pressuring TJ Combo for over an hour last night making it work. Meaty > Cr.LK > Dark Reckoning doesnt work either.

Yeah, it doesn’t combo, but people will assume that it does combo and not block after being hit with the low move. Trust me. :grin:

The only move that is a true combo is far Hp into his overhead.

Also for some extra non breakable damage, right after the overhead, you can do a surge fireball then any light or medium button. Timing is a bit strict but it’s easy to get used too. Also, it looks flashy.

ive found doing a blocked Dark Reckoning puts you into grab range and thats my go-to when I dont land the overhead.

I think a few characters jabs can punish you, so be on the lookout. I think you can instinct cancel it afterwards.

You shouldn’t do that. You’re at -3 after it’s blocked. If you go for grab you’re just going to get hit out of your grab attempt.


good to know.

can someone please teach me how to play Shago? Or to that extent, how to play in general? I know the mechanics, ive done the tutorial and read the infil guide but I lack FUNDAMENTALS in the game.

The more I play Shago the more I realize, hes a “Win-More” character. Hes mediocre at best and the only time hes really effective is when you’re already winning. (If you can actually get there). To that effect, hes got a dead moveset.

he has no options in neutral except button > fireball. he has no real option in pressure except hoping your opponent doesnt block your dive or slide. And he cant do anything in the corner. Maybe Im wrong, but fireballing someone from midscreen and hoping they dont block shadow rollerskates is gimmicky at best.

What am I doing wrong? What are his options when hes trying to open up an opponent besides yolo special? Does he have a blockstring? For example, when I played sabrewulf I used his command LP MP HP chain combo when someone blocks me to apply safe pressure. Does he have anything like that?

btw Shadow Tech, dont use Annihilation to get out of corners. You WILL get chased down.

Forward Heavy Kick into dash grab is a good footsies tool.

From my experience Gate Keeper > TP > grab is purely situational. Its only ever worked on turtles. Again back to my comment about being a “win-more” character. :confused: