Shadow Jago Tech

First post on the forum, so might as well make it on the first day of the new year.

Shago has a plethora of tools in his devilish bag of tricks and we won’t discover their full potential soon

Any tech, flashy moves, and all around awesome-ness can gladly be shared here. I’ll include a few clips in the coming days as well.


Shadow Jago can recapture from his level 4 meter ender in instinct. Found it a few days ago.

I’ll leave it here for anyone who’s interested.


Awesome stuff! I’ve used the same tech in the corner after the battery ender. All that’s needed is a MP or HP then the recapture.

I definitely think we can find another use, but as it stands, it’s an defective way to get a bit of meter then a hard knockdown.

Yeah it seems a little impractical.

Although the white damage is cashed out, I believe the damage scaling continues so you can’t actually get that much off it. It’s a nice little combo though.

Maybe some better fg minds than mine could find a better use for it, but I can’t come up with anything.

There is really no use for it other than being flashy. Damage wise comboing after enders scales too much for it to be useful, and meter wise you’re spending the meter you just earned for like two extra hits, Even if you do a second battery ender after the recapture it’s not possible to build enough ender level to make up for the recapture. Still it is fun looping meter enders and recaptures in the corner with instinct. You can do it about four times.


Agreed, it’s a bit impractical. The only viable way to use it, would be to pop instinct after the battery ender, surge fireball, gain mater by HP+HK, surge fireball, then finally a recapture. Then again, I’m not even sure that would be worth the effort.

Another useful bit of tech, is to manual f-HK after any strength linker to cancel it into a throw/surge kick/or uppercut. I’ve used it to mix up so many players and has yet to fail me.

You need the plus frames from instinct in the first place to do it though :wink:

Not tried that. Hmm, will have to have a look at this in the lab.

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Sweet. Hopefully you find more uses for the f-HK manual! If you ever need a sparring partner feel free to send me an invite. GT: duhgerman

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Thinking about it, you could prob use it for a dirty cross up reset. Not tested it but I often do the dash medium dive kick off the fwd hk for a nasty cross up, so i’m sure it would work.

Yeah, hit me up sometime i’m on. I’m not great though. My GT is the same as here.

Just tested it and yeah it works and is quite nasty :slight_smile:

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It’s always great to see things like this. :sunglasses:


I’m decent, due to the fact I’ve been playing KI since it released and have a few thousand games played. As sad as that sounds. -_-

Awesome, glad you’re finding good uses for it.
What I’ve been doing is drop the combo while in a level 2 combo, do a reset using the f-HK, cancel into a grab, and cash out using a grab+shadow uppercut. Easy 45+percent and it looks flashy. Cause who doesn’t love flashy moves, right?

Yeah dash-grab is another good use for it.

I have been playing since release too, but doesn’t mean i’m good, lol. I have never got round to using manuals mid combo. I can do it, but can’t be bothered to perfect it enough to feel comfortable enough using them online. I will never go to tourneys or anything so I don’t see the point. I enjoy the game the way I play, as is.

I’ll put a vid of the reset up.

Nasty reset off of forward HK manual.


Reset into Annihilation

More practical uses for Shadow Jagos level 4 meter ender recapture


Dude. That was insanely dirty. I’m pretty impressed you found some good uses so quickly. Awesome find.

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Some of the stuff above and more used in online matches.

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Dude, those were some entertaining clips!
There’s one thing I’ve figured out. After staggering your opponent with an axe kick, jump over them with a HP. It’s one tricky mixup, does a little more damage and looks badass.

Thanks man.

I will try that out in the lab tomorrow, thanks.

I was practicing this, too. Because the stun is so long the HP can combo as 2 manual hits. It does look cool, but I think once people start getting to see that more it’ll be easy to break.

That’s a cool combo.

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