Shadow Jago skin

After bug on Shago’s ( ) on story mode i missed the Shadow Jago’s voiced skin. Plese Give it BACK!!! Like Thunder’s Re-custome. PLEEEEEEEEEEESE @IronGalaxy @rukizzel @Delriach @TheKeits


I sorta do miss the demonic “I’m afraid your path ends here”. Would love to see that as an alternate for Jago in the future


Please bring is back !!! Maybe for the people who have the day one card.


This would be incredibly confusing to players, fighting a character that looks and sounds exaclty like Shago but performs exactly like Jago.

I can only speak for myself, but I would be incredibly against introducing this frustration to the game. We deliberately separated them when Shago became a real character of his own for a reason.


Sure, I do understand why Shago is missed as a Jago skin, but I actually enjoy that he is now a real character with his own sound and voice.

Yes Joanna Dark deserves her own voice as well.

And a new hot track with lyrics by a female maybe rock


Love that shadow Jago has unique aspects including intro outro and ultra

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So here was what I was thinking, maybe if the player selects jago and picks the shadow jago skin, on the “fight on” screen jago can be labeled as “jago (shadow jago skin)” also during intros before fighting, jago intro can remain the same which can show the player that they are fighting against jago. Lastly on the characters name on the fight HUD, jago can be labeled as "Jago (Shadow Jago skin) or “Jago (corrupted)”

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I do miss the grumbly voice lines but bringing it back as a skin is not possible at this point.


Dont let it happen Keits! give me the big boot!

If it’s just about the voice lines maybe we can give Jago’s Shadow Skin (The purple one) the added bonus of bringing back those voice lines?

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There is actually artwork of Shadow Jago looking more like regular Jago, maybe we could get Shadow Jago’s accessories for regular Jago?

But I do understand why there isn’t a Shadow Jago skin anymore.
On the subject, personally I’d like Shago’s original colour 2 back. I dig the darker skin, but find it odd how 3-8 remain pale.
I mean in lieu of accessories you could make 2 pale then make dark skin versions of 1-8 and nearly double his colour count overnight.


I miss the old color 2 it made him look like a phantom.

Exactly, I don’t think people are that stupid not to tell the difference between them. Anyone can tell just by looking at the names, the HUD, the fact that “surge” doesn’t appear next to jago’s shadow bars, intros and outros are different etc.

Sorry, friend. I don’t think asking people to pay attention to the loading screen they ignore, the intros they skip, or the character names under the hud no one even glances at, is a solution at all.

Sure, they’ll realize it isn’t Shago as soon as he throws a fireball, does a windkick, or uses f+hk. But that surprise may be enough damage to seriously frustrate people. And for what gain?

I’m not on board with this at all.


Isn’t that part of the strategy? I need to look at the hud to see if I have enough shadow or instinct, the same if I’m trying to plan how to counter my opponent. A mira player has look at their health bar, arbiter with his armor meter, fulgore’s pips etc. A recolor could work too. Shadow jago can also get a different fight stance like the one in his versus screen pose.

That’s yet another good idea and the accessory set can include his voice too.

Like someone mentioned… accessories based on Shago could be ideal. Would make sense as to where Shago got his in the first place and add a more Ninja/Samurai to Jago.

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You sure do.

But not to see the name of your opponent’s character. Your eyes probably never even glance at it. After your first few days of playing, its garbage information that your brain ignores while trying to focus on things that effect the flow of the game.


his victory quote sounds corny af, DO NOT bring it back :joy::joy::joy:

When you put it that way, I can see how this might work against the hard work put into modern Shago as well