Shadow Jago skin

When Shadow Jago was a skin, there were hundreds of posts about making him a real character. Now you want to go backwards? If you want the Shadow Jago skin, then play Shadow Jago.

I miss playing Shadow Jago as an alternate skin but bringing it back is not worth dealing with the confusion about which character you’re fighting. Especially for newcomers that weren’t around for the days of the skin being exclusive.

pointless topics, silly request.

Sounds like he had a bad cold and he was part pig. Lol

It might not have been clear, but when people were endlessly petitioning MS and IG for a Shago moveset, things like no more Shago skin for Jago (as well as no more Shago exclusivity) basically had to go with that. It was either skin for Jago or new moveset, and the people overwhelmingly chose new moveset. Sorry dudes.

I had the skin, and was happy to give it up so the character could be a made with a full move set. I would support that again if I need to.

I might be wrong, but this sounds like someone wants to have a shadow jago skin, because Jago is a free character and Shadow Jago is not.

I am sorry to the OP, but no one is going to want to give up a full character so he can be just a skin again.


One thing I was thinking of that perhaps could be done to…kinda bring back the gruff voice but yet keep current Shago intact: would it be possible to give it to Boss Shago? Make it to where he alternates between the fireball at the screen pose & Shago’s version of the “I’m afraid your path ends here” quote? Just a thought. I mean after all, he apparently has 2 Ultimates now…

I know this is nitpicky, but Shadow Jago was never a skin for Jago - he was always a separate, selectable character that played identically to Jago. Yes, that makes him just a reskin (like Ken and Ryu were reskins in SF2 - except for Ken’s back throw which was AWESOME… but I digress), but my point is there was never a time when you went and picked Jago, then scrolled somewhere to pick “Shadow Jago” as the skin for him.

Yeah I agree to a extend wouldn’t it be possible to just put in the skin of shadow jago, for jago and keep all the sounds jago does I think people can adjust and they will get used to it eventually, just I thought :blush: I mean he was day one exclusive but now he isn’t exclusive anymore same goes for gargos colors being exclusive but now you can win them In shadow lords I feel everything exclusive for the die hard fans ends up not being exclusive after a while I mean I own mkx course edition and golden scorpion skin is still exclusive but that’s just my opinion I love everything killer instinct related I only miss the real exclusive stuff

Have you tried to get the gargos skins in SL? It is very hard, and most people will not get to 90%. currently due to bugs and problems it is impossible to get to 100% in shadow lords.

I feel the Gargos skins are safe from the masses.

There is no valid reason to make a shadow jago skin for jago, other than trying to confuse someone in a match. If some people want to do that, then let’s go all out. A Gargos skin for Eyedol. A Eyedol skin for Gargos. A Riptor skin for Saberwulf.

Let’s just have a fog of war effect that hides the character until you do your first move. All you see for the other person is just a outline where they are, so you can hit them.

Yeah what about mirror matchups :thinking: