Shadow Jago Double XP Weekend

Earn Double XP for Shadow Jago in any game mode this weekend!

Full details here: Shadow Jago Double XP Weekend - Killer Instinct


Well, Time to hop on Someone else’s account and Rank up Shadow Jago. Lol.

Hmm… I think I’ll play until I get my Shadow Jago up to level 21! That purple color looks so great! :smiley:

Thanks for the bonus XP, and have a wonderful weekend!


Thanks, time to take a break from Aria and get Shago to a respectable level. Oh yeah forgot, people here only respect level 50.

Not to be too far off topic, but this idea occurs to me all the time. Even with a huge transfer tax this would be great to do. It just hurts to be playing matches with any of my level 50 characters and see that xp just get thrown away.

in between KIT matches, I’ll be trying to grind Shago.

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I have to respect anyone above 30. Shows they’ve been playing long enough to know some matchups, if not most.

I got my Shago to level 25 this weekend. Sadly I don’t get to play much…

I did run some exhibition sets against another killer who started out with his lvl 12 Fulgore. After I beat him (pretty handily) he switched to level 50 TJ, which I presume was his main. I went 2:4 with him, which is good enough for me. Learned a lot about TJ match ups.

Damn this game is fun.

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Sadly, I never even came close to level 25. The few rounds I played were with Aria as usual. To me Shago is like Hisako, I love their styles and appearance but ended up not playing them as much as I anticipated…

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I took Shago from level 12 to level 40, but if I’m being honest with myself…

…I may have been playing so well due to PEBs (Performance Enhancing Boosters).

I’m just a man who enjoys the thrill of the points, who are you to judge me?! :slightly_smiling:

I have been trying to catch up on ranked and played ten matches in a row. That was really tiring. To concentrate for so long, pretty tough. They should test for PEDs at tournaments…lol

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I like that. But my shago is already level 50 :grinning:

well this is nice but cn we pls have some info abt season 3 pls???

Not in this thread!

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Does anyone else here assume that facing someone with a lvl 50 character is an expert with them? Lol

No problem, lets talk about it in another thread ^^

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