Shadow Jago Color 10 gone for good?

For those of us who didn’t have the chance to purchase the limited edition figure, will it be possible to obtain color 10 by another means?

Unless someone has a code from the 5,000 limited edition figures floating around that they’re willing to part with, then no. Color 10 is exclusive to the 5,000 people that got the limited edition figure.

As of right now there will not be another opportunity. I would ask @UltimateToy for a real confirmation since most people would only trust their word on it.

But from what I understand its done…unless they make another run of the Limited Editon SHago.

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Well, it is part of the Limited edition, so I assume we won’t be seeing it again outside of promotions or contests ever again. :frowning:

I hope not. In my opinion it’s one of his best color options. It’d be amazing if they sold the color separately somehow.

Nothing’s ever truly exclusive.

They said that about 2013 day One shadow Jago owners as well.

I now have shadow Jago.

The holiday outfits were once exclusive. Tomorrow supreme buyers will get all of the exclusive sets in lauding Orchids red vest and striped leggings and candy cane weapons.

Whatever happened to that Pin Club Exclusive I don’t even think they made a Hisako or Aria- I’m always wary of things like that

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Yeah, I guess it’s hard to argue with this. If you say it will never come around again you can only be proven wrong. But certainly for the time being there are no plans to release this color further.


Both KI classic games are exclusive to the upgraded version of Season 1 & 2, no other way to get it outside of the premium purchase :sunglasses:

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For now that is but even if that changes the fact that one you buy KI on Xbox you get it free on pc still makes the Xbox a better deal. Man I can’t wait to build my rig!

I hope they never release color 10 again. I assume it is meant for those who got the LE Shago for it and it should stay that way.


Damn, that’s cold.

Not meant to be but that was a perk for jumping on the LE Shago before they were gone.

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Yes, and this is exactly what people who bought the day one Shago code said too. And everyone jumped all over them saying they were selfish and cruel and times change and yadda yadda yadda. Turns out that no matter what you have in this world, and no matter what you did to get it, there are always huge numbers of people who will demand that they get the same thing for free or at greatly reduced cost. for example, if I bought the unlimited edition Shago figure and got his color 11, I would see a bunch of people demanding it for free because they bought a different figure and already received color 10. I’m not sure how it’s fair that you guys get both colors and people buying the unlimited only get one, but what the heck?

The moral is, never buy anything because it is exclusive. Eventually the mob will storm the castle and get it anyway. If you only buy stuff that you like in its own right then exclusivity (which doesn’t last) won’t matter to you anyway.


We were under the impression that there wouldn’t be a “standard” Shago figure. So it was underhanded to release a standard figure and not give those of use who jumped on the more expensive figure the extra goody for something that only happened because people wouldn’t support the makers.

For the record, the original Day One Shago codes were timed exclusive. That tie period has come to an end. It’s not like they never planned on releasing him to the rest of the community.

But no, if you didn’t get one of the original 5000 Shagos, you shouldn’t get Color 10. Buy the figure or don’t get the color. It’s an exclusive.

That word has lost it’s meaning


I’d be cool with it if we were given more time, or at least multiple chances to purchase the figure. I’m definitely going to purchase standard Jago’s figure but that’s only because the timing is now right. It’s the time that’s the issue, not necessarily the exclusivity. If the LE Shago was launched with the rest of the figures that would’ve been better.

Again, the Shago skin for Jago (actually always marketed as an exclusive character - not a skin at all) was a limited edition, day one item. Nowhere, anywhere, ever did it say “timed exclusive.” Man, it pisses me off when people make ■■■■ up. You are arguing two sides of exactly the same issue just because you want to have both things. The one you failed to get you argue should be made available to you but the one you got you argue should be kept away from everybody else. Hypocrite much? Then you argue that you should get access to yet another thing that you didn’t buy for free, because you bought the first one. Makes no sense at all.

I could say so, so many things but I will keep this to one nice, short and sweet reply.

Cool, don’t care. I see a difference between a whole character and one skin. Yes, Shago was sold before he became a character but for the main purpose of funding prize pots and the creation of the Shago stand alone character we have now.

This part right here gave me a bit of a smile won’t lie. So much salt.

You know, I do not recall making a statement deserving of a moral lesson by a random person on the internet who’s opinion quite frankly means less to me than the dirt under my shoe.

I am going to assume, and I may be wrong, that you didn’t get color 10. Sucks, if they release it again you know what will run through my mind? “Oh okay” then I will continue on with my day never once thinking about it again. I said “I hope” they keep it exclusive if they do not oh well it is a ■■■■ video game at the end of the day. I have become well aware though some people treat video games as more precious than their very lives.

That’s all I really needed to say, you may reply but I am done here.

And you are correct I guess exclusive is till exclusive because I did have to wait two years :heart_eyes:

Would be cool if they did some giveaway, contest or something for it. Don’t really need to go all out for a color.

Not only did I not get color ten, I won’t get color 11. I don’t collect figures and I don’t want to pay for skins. I won’t get any of the color tens and I am not bothered by that in the slightest. If they stay exclusive forever that’s fine by me. If they go up for sale individually, I won’t buy them. I am completely indifferent.

But it drives me nuts when people whine about this stuff. If you didn’t buy the figure stop begging for the color. And if you did buy it, what difference does it make to you if someone else gets it? And anyone demanding color ten stay exclusive who isn’t equally outraged by other things not being exclusive is a hypocrite. Period.