Shadow Hisako? No Original Character?

We have Shadow Jago, Shadow Fulgore, now Shadow Hisako… what’s next? Shadow Orchid? what’s with the clone characters? low budget?


First of all. Shadow Kilgore? I assumed you meant Shadow Fulgore.

Second, this has been discussed to death. These are not clones. There is a difference between a clone and a remix.

We don’t know what their budget is like and even then, these characters still costed a ton to make.

Also they confirmed the next character is a brand new original.

This topic didn’t need to get made, not to be rude :confused:


Doesn’t matter what you call them, doesn’t change what it is.

KI doesn’t have any clone characters. A clone character is a character that’s only marginally different from their counterpart. Shago and Kilgore may share some animations and design elements with Jago and Fulgore, but they play radically different compared to them.


This is true…

…in that there’s a big difference between the two terms.

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Lets just acknowledge this: KI is aging game and Iron Galaxy has more and more strict budget.

Kilgore and Shisako will look similar because of that, but combat designers will do their best to come up with creative gameplay.



Lets discuss this logically: “Clone”

Appearance: Moderate Changes
Moveset / Playstyle: Completely different
Animations: Moderate Changes

So, in reality, MORE things have changed, than things that have not. (which also means more EFFORT was used, than was NOT used). The biggest similarity is actually…


Something MENTAL, that does not even affect budget.

“Concept” is a PREFERENCE, and that is it. Some people like re-mix characters, some people dont…

But the argument that they are “lazy”, “low budget”, or “a bad sign”, is OBJECTIVELY false.

Good Day, Sir.


Shut up and people stop catering to these people. You don’t have to buy her if you don’t want to. But I have 1 where were you when Mira was announced cause she shares allot of things with her sister.

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They literally took Hisako and gave her a katana.
You can defend it all you want… that’s what it is.

No matter how many arguements you put into it though… it will never be an original character.

You are becoming an annoying little sheet to everyone here. We got it that u cant appreciate shin hisako. So leave and dont kill our vibe


Shin eyedol next!?!?! :grin:

No eyedols next form is hinted in SL when you’re about to fight gargos as him. It’s right when gargos says he’ll rip his two heads into four, you heard me four headed eyedol…fourdol, imagine the possibilities. He’d have four different stances one would be the warrior, the second mage, the third derp, and the fourth would probably leave him having seizures until the next stance change he’d be unstoppable.


Can we close this clone topic, due to it’s clone argument??

If you played Kilgore (which is available for free as we speak) & Fulgore… you will clearly see there are in no way shape or form clones…

Same with Shago & Jago… and it will be the same with Shisako & Hisako…

furthermore… a character is a character, remix, clone… whatever… it’s still a new character, the argument of budget is flawed because they still use budget to create these alternate or remixed characters, they still have independent themes, move sets, animations etc… can we end this notion already???



Not new, no. Recycled more.

clone = same exact fighter with color palette change and nothing more

I’m not too keen on the idea of Shin Hisako either, so I’m hoping the gameplay is radically different or spectacular somehow to make up for it at least.

Again, my concern is the ‘hair’ used ( looks still like the stringy noodle paper-like engine from s1)
and the posture of this new character. If she stands like hisako who is mangled from rigor mortis

it won’t seem like a fresh expansion-

She should stand upright and I guess we already see her crouch is the same as hisako in the hero art.
At least her intro looks different- I’m sure the slash was an outro win animation- but kinda doesn’t seem to need a gold version of hisakos green shadow blur projections maybe she could’ve had tiny effervescent magic orbs circling her something to differentiate

Just minor things that could’ve set her apart.
Looking forward to seeing her gameplay.

tldr- I hope she stands differently from hisako and has a unique alternate costume hopefully hairstyle

Well, looking up the definition of ‘new’ shows that Shin Hisako is, in fact, a new character.


Well, yes, new in the same way as if you have a cupcake, then make the same kind of cupcake, but with a different sort of topping.

I mean, Street Fighter has a ton of clone characters (there even coming out with new ones from the look of it) and I don’t think anyone is questioning their budget.

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