Shadow battle difficulty

In shadow Lords when you play a shadow match the game signs it a difficulty before you start. Easy, medium, hard, etc…

My question is had anyone come across my shadow Riptor and if so what difficulty did the game day she was?

the difficulty doesnt go that low …:wink:


I feel like I have before, but I can’t recall. I’ll keep an eye out for it!

I’ve actually fought my own shadow in shadow lords. It was… Not good. lol

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Really? Then how is it any different then the test shadow function in shadow lab?

The game won’t even give me shadow missions… it’s starting to annoy me now

Wow really? That’s messed up dude.

I never did but if I did I would lose;)

You have to complete a quest chain to get them, I don’t remember which one it is though.

Yep, I’m talking to a developer on this to figure out why it doesn’t pop up for me (and some others). Apparently, by looking at the code, it requires a minimum of 15 turns, and the completion of a multi-phase quest as you said. So we’ll see.

That really sucks that you are still having problems. I really do hope they fix it for you.

sofar for me the shadow missions also did not pop up , so never can get the daily shadow loot …well there are better ways to get shadow points…but the point is they should show up

I haven’t seen any. I wonder if anyone cam across my shadow Fulgore or Riptor?

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I’ll have to keep an eye out for it. Have you come across my rippy?

don’t think so, actually I mostly ran into Jagos, Orchids, and so on.

Well that’s a dern shame… I do have a lvl 50 Jago, but I gave my 2nd shadow slot to that chump omen just so he’d show up more in shadow Lords. There was another thread called the omen initiative “adopt an omen” which makes sense to me. People have been getting omen dossiers off of omen shadows, the plan is if more people have omen shadows he’d show up more in shadow Lords. I don’t even get dossiers at all anymore, I’m stuck at 92 percent but no one is paying up.

Also is there a glitch with the sound track? Today every match I played in
Shadow survival
Ranked league
SL multiplayer
All played shinsakos theme song. After hearing it so much I realized something, her song is annoying, and I can’t change the music in SL.

Something else I would like to see (I know this is something for Xbox to fix) Achievement Search
There’s like 1000 achievements just in KI with all the locked ones at the bottom of the list. I love the new Achievement tracker feature but if I want to find out if I already have the collector achievement or not I have to look through the entire list and my eyes are only getting worse with age.

I think the shadow difficulty is determined by what tier it is in Shadow Lab.

1000SP = Impossible
500SP = Very Hard
250SP = Hard
100SP = Medium
50SP = Easy

Even then, some of those lower tier shadows put up an incredible fight.

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