SFV for Xbox One just appeared on Amazon


is it fake???


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I like the idea but seems fake. If so though,everyone but Sony is happy because more people can play the game.

I like snes street fighter. This new street fighter just doesn’t attract me. Honestly ki 2013 is the fighting game that I’ve played the most by far. I played mk9 but not nearly as this. I bought mkxl and I stopped playing it after beating the story mode. KI is the only fighter for me. Its just fun, even if you’re noob like me lol


It’s fake…


If it truly is real, I hope it’s cross network play. I want to play with @Marbledecker on the PS4 & @STORM179 on the PC.


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I doubt it will be the case, but there have been several cases (even I recent memory) of exclusive titles jumping ship. Whether it be going mutliplat in a sequel like Infamous, or getting a Remastered edition on PC/8th Gen like Dead Rising 3 or Dishonored, or hopping ships to be exclusive on different consoles like Resident Evil or Oddworld.

In fact, Capcom is a good example since they’ve done this exact thing with Resident Evil and Dead Rising 3… Hmm…
I really HOPE that it happens, since I’m an advocate that people should be able to play any game on the platform of their choice. I’ll wait and see. It’s not like I’m dying to buy SFV anyway lol
Even so this would reduce the number of reasons I have to buy a PS4 down to basically just Bloodborne, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that may get a PC port in the future.

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I know how you feel. I just got a PS4 and SFV was one of the big reasons.

Firstly it gives two separate dates for release…rather suspicious. Something like this is so easy to fake too