Serious Sets match ups with (Gargos)

Content video’s covering all Match ups as Gargos. Also will have tech video’s included on this trend, To further help Players…


Okay, so you’re using this thread as a resource to help others then? Nice!

Although, I don’t like how you use the word “serious” in your thread title. What makes you think anything else is not (or less) serious?

Serious set #1with Gargos vs Omen Mu how to play correctly…


Huh? Relax pimp its the title of my ft3 sets playing as gargos


I still want to know why you named it as such…

He named it like he did, why should it matter? It’s relevant to the topic and category


These should be interesting. Looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile::thumbsup:


It matters because of phrasing - despite his good intentions, it almost comes off as being condescending, as if to suggest that other, more casual players don’t take the game seriously (or as seriously as he does). If there’s 1 thing I’ve learned about on these forums, it’s how easily good intentions can be perceived poorly or outright ignored due to poor phrasing.

It’s not that deep Geek. No one complains that Bass’ “Rough Sets” are an insult for insinuating that the participants’ play is less than immaculate.

Sleep is providing content that he doesn’t have to help players level up - say “thank you” and move on.


I don’t follow Bass, nor most pros, so I’m not accustomed to how they normally name their videos.

@F3Sleep, apologies and thank you (although I’d still like to hear your reasoning behind your naming conventions in a PM).

That Omen setup and flip out at 1:34 was freaking sick!!!


It took me a moment find what you were talking about, since it actually occurs some time after 1:34, but yeah… Way cool (and surprisingly subtle too).

Serious sets #2 with Truth Ns (Spinal) enjoy! Arby & Aria Edition coming soon!


Serious Sets #3 with @WulfGangMello (Rash) @XiBassiX @KillerInstinct @IToTheG @XboxViking


Good stuff @F3Sleep.

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Wow Sleep, I’m seeing things I’ve never seen with Gargos. He seems a lot of fun! Maybe I’ll give him another try soon. Thanks!

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I’m glad I can be of some help :wink:


Serious Sets #4 with @yofrankthehuman Amazing (Hisako) hope you guys enjoy This!

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Serious Sets #5 with @DevilMayCare4 Ridiculous (Tj Combo) hope you guys enjoy!!

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Oops I uploaded the wrong one lol it was suppose to be gargos

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