SEGA Survey

Yes and no

Well who know swhat they will do with sonic adventure 3 assuming it gets made.

Jet Set Radio needs to make a comeback.


altered beast, shinobi and streeets of rage 4. LETS GO SEGA!!!

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altered beats for the win. If they bring it back I hope we get more beasts. Not just the well known wolf and dragon. But a snake as one.

i hope we get it as a 2.5D beast of a game with at least a dozen stages of beat em up action! new beasts to turn into, each with their own move set would be amazing. and a new streets of rage HAS to happen, complete with awesome soundtrack. we need more brawlers!

edit: Wayfoward’s Double Dragon Neon was epic btw, if nobody hasnt tried it i highly recommend that you do! it was really really good

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I would also like a Phantasy Star V or a Phantasy 1-4 remake for this gen.

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OOOOH now thats an idea. :wink:

@Iago407 this survey is your chance? I remember that you like a lot of the Sega classic series…


You have no idea how much this survey appeals to my interests.

I did everything i could to suggest that they avoid the mobile market and perfect their console successes.

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Oh believe me i think everyone and i mean everyone avoided the mobile market on that survey.

With you on that. Would be really fun to see another of those!

I’d like to the following beasts in a new altered beast
Snake, shark, ird of prey, ape,

Speaking of which I played double dragon neon, and I loved it. my bro and I played it quite a lot.

You bet, man! I saw this thread yesterday right before I was about to leave work and still took about a half hour to fill it out.

The mobile part kinda scares me. It really felt like the whole second half of the survey was steering in that direction.

I feel like there was a feedback box near the end that asked why I gave a score that I did and I basically said that I wanted to see full-fledged console sequels to games like Virtua Fighter, Skies of Arcadia, Shining Force, Streets of Rage, Eternal Champions, etc. Not tappy games or table tilt games for ios and Android.

It’s a shame because I really do feel like there’s a whole generation of gamers out there that still play games, that fondly remember growing up with Sega titles on the Genesis, and to a lesser extent the Dreamcast and Saturn; people that have more disposable income now and still spend money on their favorite hobby.

If Sega won’t tap in to that vein, then I really wish they’d partner with either a console manufacturer and some smaller indy studios, or a large 3rd party publisher and find a way to bring some new titles out while not having to shoulder so much of the development cost.

I tried to avoid all Mobile ANYTHING in the survey, but I did state I play Sonic Dash & Crazy Taxi. Hopefully it’s not a thing they are looking all their money in.

It doesn’t look that way to me because the CEO of SEGA said 1 or 2 years ago said " we let our fans down, and we want to bring them back."

Was doing the survey on the train then a bad connection caused an error. Now I am not able to redo the survey on my phone as it says that I already took it once. So I am counting on all of you:
VF, Jet Set radio future and Samba de amigo please include


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I would love to see Jet Set Radio updated with better trick controls, smarter gang Ai, and better battle systems. Keep the art direction and eccentric soundtrack (let’s be honest this is what really made the game)


when they asked me about the mobile stuff, i posted real negative views on it. we need sega to focus on the console and PC dept. not our ■■■■■■■ cell phones lol


i did the same thing with the mobile part and i think everyone is doing the same.