SEGA Survey

Just now SEGA has just published a Survey about their classic IP’s that they made in the past Such as Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter and much much more. Lets sign this Survey and help SEGA become great again!

SEGA Facebook Page -

And tell me what do you want to see again from Sega.

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The survey just takes me to the main website not a direct link to SEGA or anything related.

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hang on let me check.

Updated the link.

Alright cool, thanks

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Don’t let him die guys…

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hate to say but 90% of people want sonic gone :frowning:

Not if they make it right. 90% of people wanting it gone really love Sonic, but they are about to, if not given up.

If SEGA made the next best Sonic game, that revolutionized Sonic, people would come back like birds coming back for winter. LOL

Edit: I voted to bring more of their console games back, like Crazy Taxi, Virtua Fighter and more Sonic, but Sonic done right. :smiley:

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“List three adjectives that you can associate with SEGA”

Sonic. Sonic. Sonic.

Please for the love of gaming give us Streets of Rage 3!

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LOL Is that what you did?


Why didn’t I think of that?

If Sonic, Streets of Rage 3 & Crash Bandicoot all come back during my lifetime, I will die on the spot, resurrect myself, and play them to infinity and beyond.

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Well i would want to see a Sonic the Fighter 2 just saying.

If there is hope then maybe just maybe they might just give the fans back of sonic.

the games i voted for are : The House of the Dead, Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi, Streets of Rage, Space Channel 5, Samba de Amigo, Chu Chu Rocket, Ecco the Dolphin, Eternal Champions, Golden Axe & NiGHTS. yes i know voted for alot of them but hey they were classics after all.

Where’s Sonic in that!?

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Pretty Accurate.

I think Sonic Adventure 2 was the only Sonic game I cared for. Everything that came afterwards well… Didn’t do it for me like the previous titles.

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That i’ll agree on Sonic Adventure 2 was awesome the only reason why i loved that game was the 2 player battle.

I enjoyed Alterd Beast, Eternal Champions and Sonic

Regardless of the classic sonic games or the sonic adventure series. I’m loyal to both sides.
I do sometimes wonder what it is that fans are looking for in a sonic game. I thought sonic generations was outstanding personally.

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Sonic Generations was amazing! But it’s kinda nostalgia they are looking for. They want Sonic to be exactly like he was back in the '90s, but we know that it really can’t be that way anymore. #NostalgicBlindness

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I enjoyed every sonic game I played. Sonic adventure 2 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
If it c would bring them back then I say go ahead, but at least let them take advantage of the tech. After all, ya can’t blame sega for trying something new.

The only sonic games i want to see are Sonic the Fighters 2 & Sonic Adventure 3

Wasn’t Sonic Adventure 3’s Ideas and some assets put into Sonic Unleashed?

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