Sega chibi themed boardgame (based on Arcadia Quest)

Hi everyone,

Recently I’ve been playing a great boardgame called Arcadia Quest and wondered how would my favourite Sega characters fare in the world?

So I made these mock ups quickly, not liking the Jacky one needs something extra but couldn’t find any Jacky chibi.

Huge shout outs to kamiomutsu (who did the Axel chibi) and Hawke525 (who did Sonic)

If you have any character requests let me know!


Looks good!

Here are a few character suggestions, though I’m not sure how many you’d be able to find in chibi form:

Blaze (Streets of Rage)
Vyse (Skies of Arcadia)
Joe (Shinobi)
Xavier (Eternal Champions)
Vectorman (Vectorman)
Orta (Panzer Dragoon Orta)
Alex Kidd (Alex Kidd)
Nights (Nights)
Tails (Sonic)
Ulala (Space Channel 5)
Pepperouchau (Clockwork Knight)
Gillius (Golden Axe)
Evolved Centurion-Wolf Form (Altered Beast)

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How does Arcadia quest play? I’ve bumped into it on the internet because I paint miniatures for other games.

You don’t need a dungeon master as the monsters have their own reactions to what you do. It’s quickly became my favourite boardgame and the add on packs bring pets (companions) and mounts to the game.

Some heroes have passive abilities and others can exhaust their card (miss a turn to rest) to perform a powerful move. I guess it plays similar to D&D, you get ranged and melee attacks and only hit if you roll the corresponding attack icon.

Some characters have really unique powers such as being able to capture a monster and using it as a health potion etc.

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Yeah, wasn’t able to find any chibi Jacky either. Only came across a mii (?) avatar of some sort.

Did a few more.