Season 4 Question

Now I know people here are saying there should not be a season 4. My question for you all is why? IF its just about them adding new features like flip out etc I agree with you we probably don’t need it. However Season 4 at this point will probably just be stages costumes and a few new characters. Which is imho all this game could use more of (besides online training and arcade mode). So would you guys and gals be alright with Season 4 just being more characters and patches and the like? if not how come?

I actually don’t want more characters. I’d be fine with a couple more, but I think 8 more characters will be far too much.

The game demands a lot in terms of MU knowledge, and I already feel like we’re pushing the balance too far if we add even more characters, IMO.

I’d love a season with a couple characters only, and more stages, costumes and especially just polishing what’s already there.


personally I wouldn’t mind 8 more characters. for season 4. but I see where your coming from the more characters the harder to balance. But the more characters the more chances of some really interesting tournament battles which is great for the games publicity.

I don’t see a season 4… anything from this point will just be DLC. Paying full price for another season with even less content than season 2 isn’t the way to go… DLC Costume packs, characters, stages etc is fine and is what people are wanting. … as for th core game… character tutorials, more stage ultras, system changes etc would be all free.

The only reason why season 3 was still full price was due to adding KI Gold into it… Shadow Lords is free so we wasn’t paying for that as a part of the season…

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See that’s the point I’m trying to make is that season 4 may just be a 10$ stage and character pack though.

I think Season 4 should be a mini season (Season 4 = 4 characters), give the homeless characters (Like Mira) their own stage, and then have the rest be small stuff like balance changes, bug fixes, maybe some new costumes, accessories, player card stuff etc.

We have a lot of characters already and I think if you add too many more and start getting near 40 characters it becomes very hard for people to pick the game up and play it due to having to learn so many things about so many characters.

But they did say they will keep adding stuff as long as we want to play the game so I will happily take anything they offer to do for us. I’m not picky lol


I don’t think it should be called a Season. Perhaps call it Killer Instinct Season 3 Addition Edition. :smirk:

I agree with @Blade4693. I think the next big Season should be smaller as far as new characters go, and should mostly focus on some TLC for what we have. Stages for those without, some new music for practice mode, a bucket of new customization options, tweaks to balance/graphics, etc.

I definitely want more stuff for this KI. It’s built in such a way to warrant lots of added stuff and constant improvement.

I would like a Season 4

Season 4 - 8 characters - all stages - ultimates - new colours - new costumes - sl content #KIGLORY. Because it always feels good to see new characters. About the question if they are too much, the answer is, we always have time to learn them.

Why? Because we love this game and want more of it, simple as that.

The devs said they want to keep making KI as long as we want to play it, so I’m sure season 4 will be a full season.

All I want is 8 more characters and 2 more bonus characters as well as 13 more stages.

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I would Like at least 1 season with all new characters and then Stages for everyone who dose not have one and a normal Arcade Mode. That is all I would like for a season 4

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I’d be fine with stages for rash, Mira, raam, and eyedol. Any new characters would just be a bonus in my opinion.

I don’t think there’s a general sentiment on this board that there shouldn’t be a 4th season, though I do see some worried about having too many characters and what that might mean for the game as a whole.

Currently, we’re at 26 characters. Here’s what I’d like to see:

1-- 4 to 6 characters: Eagle, Djinn, Lovecraftian, Magical Archer at launch, followed later by a brand new playable boss character and either Shadow Orchid or Pre-Transformation Cinder as a bonus.

2-- Stages for Mira, Eyedol, Raam, Rash as well as the above six characters.

3-- Season 4 project: Character face and hair retouching/upgrading. Namely Sadira, Orchid, TJ Combo, Hisako, Kim Wu, Tusk and Mira.

4-- Ultra Version: 30K in KI Gold, a few exclusive Shadow Lords items, plus two bonus classic arenas as voted on by fans. One from KI and the other from KI2.

5-- Upgrade the “Checking Content” screen as well as the “Fight On” pre-match loading screen. Replace the former with a character art slide show and the latter with a more stylized split screen that’s more akin to the Season One dossier character clips.

6-- Unify the fonts from the character select, combo font and match win font so that they all look like variations of the win font.

7-- No new story mode. Instead, find a way to reload Shadow Lords with additional content for the new season 4 boss. Keep expanding this mode, as it sounds incredible.

8-- Speed up cursor on all character select menus. Reposition the fog on select screen behind the characters instead of in front of them.

9-- Change season colors from green and purple to black, silver, red and gold.

10-- Updated dojo mode?

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What’s wrong with Sadira and Hisako?

Personally I would like to see all pre-match character art be handled in a way that doesn’t take the Xbox for friggin’ ever to load up each character while you’re selecting them. I wouldn’t mind if they made what would essentially be gif files for every possible character color/ acessory and used that instead of fully rendered models for everything pre-match.

People who don’t want more characters are lazy imo. They simply don’t want to have to learn more matchups.

Yeah, I agree. I like the 3D models on the select screen and in the pre-match “Fight On” screen, but at what cost? It still feels like it takes too long for them to load, for the cursor to move properly, etc. When you have two people playing locally, it’s even worse. Like, it’s noticeably bad.

I’m not saying that to dog the developers at all. Not one bit. IG was handed the assets from DH and they’ve tried to optimize things as best they can. I give them credit for that, no doubt. I just think that at this point, some type of alternative should be implemented that can present everything without having to compromise menu speed, graphical fluidity, loading times, etc.

Honestly, I don’t need to have the 3D models loaded on the select screen and then shown again on the pre-match loading screen. If there’s a cool way to present this stuff, like video sequences on the Fight On screen and gif-style hero art on the select screen or something like that… I think that would improve the presentation in both form and function dramatically.

Well, to be clear, I’d be fine with more characters. I’d also love to see a season 5 and beyond. I think you might be right on the matchup issue, but for my part… I was more thinking of only having 4-6 characters because there were other aspects that I’d like to see them address and I know they only have so much in terms of budget and manpower. In order to do the stage relighting and shadowlords, we lost some arenas. There was a trade off.

So I was just trying to think of what I might be willing to trade to get certain things in other areas. If we had four characters in season 4, maybe we could get a fifth season with four more characters, more polish in other areas, more content, etc? That was more my line of thinking.

I want a Season 4.