Season 4, Next Saga?

After the event of Gargos, another corporation is here to rival Ultratech. It challenges the corporation for a new Killer Instinct Tournament.

This new corporation have been searching for supernatural resources - magics, lost cities and ancient artifacts to use in order to dominate the world under their rule. Worst, they have their own experiments to rival Ultratech.

How will it succeed? Will Ultratech win? Or will the heroes stop both of them?

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Who could possibly rival a sentient AI like ARIA?

AI Ryatt?

We have several groups already though.

But there can be other corporations out there that want to rival Ultratech.

I was hoping with G-Corporation appearing in Tekken 4, there can be another who wants to challenge Ultratech.

Personally, I like that Ultratech is the big corporation that kinda reigns over the distopian future. Could there be a rival corporation that’s basically “evil corp” part 2? I guess. But how much value would they add to the storyline beyond adding another faction versus other possible ideas?

I’m not against adding another faction. There will need to be some type of new “power” in the next season and I can’t imagine Ultratech would be on the same side as that new power.

So yeah, a rival corporation could be useful to the story. But how much of a role should they play? If we get a full, eight or nine character season, then yeah, maybe a wendigo, the Lovecraftian and some sort of executive type could be characters to create a sort of secondary rivalry with ARIA, Cinder, Riptor etc, but I wouldn’t want that to be the top plot (not that you suggested it should be).

I’d still like to see a member of the race that Gargos banished return as a good guy boss for all of the evil characters to fight against. If Eyedol is Gargos fallen rival, I’d like to see a character that’s Gargos (for lack of better term) heavenly equal. Maybe this character serves as a guide to the good guys, but is then revealed to be a massively powerful force of light through the story.

In short, I’m hoping there’s enough room in season 4 for multiple ideas. If so, then an Ultratech rival could be fun. I just don’t want them as the main antagonist for season 4.

What about The Coven? They can be the heroes’ new enemy.

Perhaps a new corporation can be a force for good. Possibly. Is Ultratech a force of good or evil?