Season 4 Confirmed?

I mean if we are talking about the KI future. :blush: i can hear the hype sound.


Most likely season 4. Unless it’s just extra DLC at the end of season 3.


I would be almost as happy if they just polished everything we have now instead.


I certainly hope so. I came from the PC draft not too long ago, so for the game to end support after S3 would be disappointing for me. Does anyone have any insight of how successful this S3 is? Hard to find any statistic due to its Online only release.


New lightings not enough?

I’m not sure if we need another “season”. I think the cast is at a good size right now, but wouldn’t object to one-off characters added sporadically, rather than them all being collected in some sort of season. I feel like the only thing really missing from the game is Shadow Lords, so once season 3 is done, I’d consider it a complete product and everything else just dlc gravy.

Fixed retros. Fixed Orchid hair. Fixed retro Sabrewulf face. Better Vs/Fight intro after character select. A stage for each Season 3 character. Practice mode for online vs…Etc etc.


I think they can do all that , plus one more season

I dunno. We’ll find out I guess. No more guest characters though, PLEASE!!

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This game is a cash cow for MS, especially now that it’s on Win10. Why stop making characters? Keep on going!



remember when they added the “M” “L” “H” for combo breakers, they said too many characters/animations to learn, especially for new guys

Yea, I think S4 is MAX they should add, or even dont make S4 at all, or make him with smaller cast. The more characters, the harder it is to balance them.

If if if we get a season 4. I’d rather instead of any future guests getting stages make one for Mira.

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Come on, it’s only 8 characters every year. The animations are not that difficult. New guys will have their time.

not my call man, just saying what the devs said

Makes it sound as though season 4 is a strong possibility at this point. Which makes me happy. Can’t imagine it as being dlc because if they’re only just seeing what characters we want etc it’ll take them several months into making them a reality.

Why do people have such a big problem with guest characters? They might come from other games, but they still have new and unique fighting styles. And they fit right in with the rest of the crazy KI cast. Would you be happy if these characters had the same fighting styles they have now but with different skins?


Season 2 ever on a cliffhanger, S3 was inevitable. Will need to see how season 3 ends in the story… I certainly hope there’s a season 4. I particularly love the story elements each character brings but all these guests means the story of season 3 might not even be a thing sadly.

I have nothing against guests or the ideas of guests, I just don’t like the ones in this game in particular. MKX for example, I am a die hard fan of all the characters chose to guest in that game so they don’t bother me a bit, but I have never played Gears, I have barley played Halo, and I have never played Battletoads so I have no connection to them and don’t care about them. I don’t really mind Rash though lol

But I also understand the guests aren’t for me though lol

If Microsoft only has a few guests to choose from their portfolio, then they only have a few playstyles to choose from. If they go with original characters, they can create whatever playstyle/designs they want. Not difficult to understand.