Season 4 a shadow lord expansion

How would you guys feels if shadow lords got an expansion that was a smaller season for season 4 for $20. It would include:
Eagle current and retro costume: fight him in shadow lord mode to unlock him and his stage!
Mira and eyedol stages: fight on them to unlock them in shadow lords mode.
Fixed and updated retros.
Retro shago
Final form omen: once Gargos was no more omen took this opportunity to absorb the remaining energy. Looks like the omen and shago instinct monster now!
3 new characters based on the top survey votes. Find and fight them in shadow lords mode to unlock them!

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I love all of these things! Especially final form Omen. That could be a really cool idea. I would say this though…

Since everything would be in SL and they wouldn’t be building a whole new mode that gigantic from the ground up, I’d also add four more characters, including the old training Master from KI Gold and because it’s the topic that’ll never die, they should also give every character an Ultimate.

I’d also have no problem if it were $30. I’m assuming you kinda want a smaller, polish / wrap up season, but if they’re not doing a whole new large mode, I don’t think it’d be crazy to ask for a bit more and pay a bit more.

I’d also love to see a $40 ultra pack with gold/platinum Gargos skins, 20K in KI Gold and two redone classic stages (one from KI and the other from KI2) as voted on by the fans and a 3rd voted on by the devs.

Now, if you want to say “that’s too much” or insinuate that this isn’t how you’d envision a 4th season, that’s totally fine. No problem. Again, I really like everything you suggested. The Omen idea, all the polishing. Sounds GREAT. I’d just want a bit more, especially if season 4 turns out to be the end.

@CrimsonScorch88, what do you mean by “This” exactly? You maybe want to elaborate a bit?


switch characters though. Not one by one like happens now. Tag team. Another thing never made in fighting games at multiplayer having each slot for an individual player. You switch on-line in the same round with other 2 players. Taking advantage of the netcode of KI. Im quite sure its possible due to the slick netcode that is almost flawless.

I like all your added points! It would be a kick ■■■ season.

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If we’re talking about cosmetic changes to the game rather than new characters, I’d definitely want to see an updated HUD. It doesn’t look very good, especially on the PC where the aliasing on the edge of some HUD elements is painfully visible. It’s also a pretty dated design imo, with the shiny-looking borders to the life/instinct bars.

I’ll just leave it her


Im am all for this idea. Please put all of these forward to IG. Thats the perfect package that I would want for Season 4. Rukari Im looking at you dude! :stuck_out_tongue: