Season 3 Wulf breakdown/tech/discussion lobby

For season 3 Wulf I thought it would be a good idea to get a lobby together to discuss how to best use this character in Season 3. Flip out and staggers are here, along with a stronger focus on juggles: so there’s alot of new tactics.

We also have 4 more matchups to break down, so if anyone here knows how to play season 3 characters (I play some Tusk) that would also help.

So whose up for a Wulf lobby / mind meld? I’ve got tech I’d like to discuss and share and am also curious to see what other Wulf mains can come up with.

I propose Sunday at 9pm EST, (8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST) but am open to times whenever most of you are available.


Sorry if I missed any Wolf mains. Feel free to tag any you know.

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Ive been playing around with a bit more success. Currently online is horrible. Not sure if its this because the meld of the PC master race but its never been this bad that I can remember.

What happend to the cancel window on cr. HK? is this the case with all manual cancels now? Even in practice im struggling to do a simple cr. HK > run or > Ragged Edge… S1 and S2 I could do these all day.

Tony that sounds like a plan to me. :thumbsup:

Be warned though. I’m not a good Wulf player even rustier now that I’ve been trying to learn Arbiter. I can play for an hour or two before I have to go to bed for work the next morning.

I’m up to it! Please feel free to ad me to your list Maru MDQ

I was expecting to learn Arbiter a bit more from season 3. I like Glacius, Jago, Omen, Orchid and Fulgore too. But my main is always Sabrewulf when talking about big matches.

I don’t understand those MST, CST , etc timezones =S I’m supposed to be at GMT -0400

PS: Arbiter seems a little broken? they may nerf it, who knows. I’ve seen wulfs going for him. If I use him it would be mainly because I like him and would be great to know him better if I need to fight him, but I still need my Wulf u.u


I’m pretty sure Arbiter be “nerfed” but he’s not broken. It’s been a mixture from what I noticed. Some Wulf’so went to Rash, Kim, Arbiter, and Hisako. I had no intention of picking up S3 but I wanted to try Arbiter. Glad I did I love the character and I’m doing better with him than I did with Wulf.

Not even some of the pros like it. They advice against using it.

Leaping slash is really bad now. After stagger connects well. It’s really easy to react indeed, you must be very carefull when using it.

I haven’t done much with Wulf since S3 dropped, tbh. Rash came out and is everything Wulf should be, imo (minus the amount of air offense he has). In your face, strong attacks, good frames, nearly impossible to keep out. Rash is Wulf 2.0, and he’s effectively made me drop Wulfy.

I can’t drop Wulf, I’m an original Wulf =S But the original Sabrewulf was so different, he was no rushdown lol. I have fun playing with him and the new season will find me trying to relearn the tactics. However, I like using another characters but I really need to like them in many aspects. I won’t just pick a character because he is top tier

I didn’t pick Rash because he’s top tier, I picked him because his playstyle fits me, lol. I played Wulf until Spinal came out in S1, at which point Wulf became my second character. I kept him in S2, until Shago came out, at which point he dropped down to my third character. Now, with all the nerfs making him feel useless, Rash being everything Wulf should be, and Spinal and Shago being so good, Wulf has fallen down to my 4th character, and I don’t have the time to keep him up to par.

IG doesn’t want to admit it, but Wulf is bad now, I honestly believe it

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I didn’t mean Rash is top tier, I was just saying the way I choose characters, Wulf is not bad at all, it’s different. In a way I like it, because now we’ll be able to see the real and good Wulf players that will adapt.

In order for me to chose a character I must like the looks and then the playstyle will make me fall in love with it. I’m so superficial in fighting games…Sometimes XD

PS: but, for instance I loved Fulgore in the old KIs, I still don’t feel totally comfortable with his current playstyle, but I would like to main him the way I did before. I just need to find myself with it =S

I’m new to KI with S3, but I’m having a lot of fun with Wulf and his tools, even if people think he’s bad. I’m down to talk with other wulf players to see what i’m missing from my game.

GT: steeltoedsandal

Twitter: @mikeloafer

I’m also picking him up next (just getting Omen to 50 right now). Any combo advice? What are our manuals?

Also, it seems like his kicks (bites) are lower range, higher damage and his punches are high damage pokes? His frame data seems to imply he’s a frame trap monster, yes?

What are some flip-out follow-ups? Currently I just dash through and do something.

Also, I know there’s a lot of hate on his overhead since the nerf, but how does it fare in instinct with his roman cancel?

Wulf is indeed a frame trap monster.

Bite normals are for frametraps and meaties (better active frames). Punch normals are for footsies.

B+s.HP is Wulf’s best move. + 2 on block, insanely good range, moves Wulf forward. Think of it like Jago’s double roundhouse but better in every way.

Standard frametrap up close is something like
B+s.HP, CR.LK, S.Lk

You are still in tick throw range after CR.LK , s.LK , which is why it is better to use that instead of two CR.LK’s (which will push you of of tick range)

You can loop b+s.HP and CR.LK into each other, and the only ways out are backdashes, Shadow counters, or invincible reversals. This forces your oppoment into risky actions. Use frametrap to build lots of meter.

Flip out is best when you constantly mixup your follow-up to keep the opponent guessing.

I like to throw a decent amount after flipout, s.HK can be used to stagger an opponent going for a throw tech after flipout which leads to very good damage. Make sure you hit s.HK riiiight after flipout because it has 13 frames of startup and if you’re late thenan opponent trying to tech your follow-up throw will grab you instead of getting CH’d into stagger.

S.HK staggers can basically get you level 2 enders on one chance break combos.

Use CR.MK into ragged edge after a juggle if your opponent is breaking your CR.LK for flip out, and you can convert into a nice juggle or recap when they are locked out.

In Instinct you can turn Heavy Ragged edge into a very effective footsie tool because you get the distance but can cancel into b+s.HP to remain + instead of -5.

Another strong trick is to use Ragged Edge in Instinct, cancel riiiight before the second hit, and throw.

You can actually Instinct cancel b+s.HP on block, dash behind, and still be around +5 so it frametraps (assuming they even manage to block you on crossup).


So why are people saying that he is a high skill cap character that is going to take an expert to play at potential?

Nothing so far seems technically difficult. My biggest issue so far is I have crappy combos… but that’s going to kill you character to character.

Also, do you know the data on his RC (in Instinct)? Does it remove all recovery frames?

Wulf is an easy character to pick up. But his skill ceiling is as high as any other character (in that it has yet to be reached). The biggest difficulty of the character is generally going to be defense. Sabrewulf’s backdash is really bad, and his wakeups are really bad.

As for Feral Cancels, it technically cancels out of all recovery frames, but the FC animation itself is a sort of ‘recovery’.

The duration of the FC animation is 15 frames. You are allowed to buffer in special attacks and they will come out first frame after.

I have noticed that Feral Cancels tend to be more + then you’d expect when doing the math purely based on [adv = recovery - 15]. I’ve speculated FC affects block/hitstun of the move it cancels to make it slightly more +. A 29 frame recovery move technically shouldn’t allow a 15 frame FC, 19 frame dash, then 4 frame normal to frametrap, but it does.

Also, as a note for combos, when anti-airing with cr.HK, cancel into LIGHT Ragged Edge. This will more consistently cause a ground bounce than the others, and is more reliable than canceling into running uppercut. All those options have a tendency to whiff and go under the juggled opponent.


I definitely don’t use cr. lk and b. hp as much as I could be. Thanks for reminding me. I usually get the job done with st. mk as meaty.

What are we doing vs Rash because that MU is rough on me.

Rash is a tough match up for every character I think.

The number one thing I suggest is to not let him think he can do wrecking ball for free. Wait for him to do it and hit him with crouching HK. Since it is a grounded heavy, the armor on the WB will be nullified. And it is pretty much Wulf’s only grounded heavy that is fast enough with a good enough hit box to reliably stuff the wrecking ball. Use a follow up juggle of your choice and repeat as necessary (which will probably be a lot going by 99% of the Rash players I’ve come across). Once they see that they can’t use their regular go to move, they’ll have to find another game plan.

Also all rash players love to press a lot of buttons so don’t be afraid to toss out shadow counters when you have the meter for it.


I remember when I was a Wulf main, but then Sadira happened. I still play him every now and then and I think he’s still crazy amazing.

My goodness, I haven’t seen many you guys in ages!

Hi Wolf Pack members!

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