Season 3 tier list?

Top,Mid,Low Tier list for S3???

We’re not even two weeks in, I can absolutely guarantee you that even if someone has been trying to put a list together, it is in no way accurate.

And that’s even if we pretend that all four brand new characters that are out now were the only four characters to be added this season, without any additional characters or updates/adjustments to come later.

I’m not saying that this is a pointless thread, question, or topic of conversation, but I’d recommend not taking this kind of thing very seriously right now.


One name: Tusk.

His damage need to be nerfed.


Yeah too soon to come up with one for the entire cast, but S3 characters specifically i’d rank from best to worst: Rash, Tusk, Arbiter, Kim.

I think is too early for thatr bro.

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I’ve never understood “tier lists” to be honest. I thought a character was what the player makes of them? :thinking:


It is, however a tier list identifies how the tools of each character are used to benefit against other characters. In the meta of KI, tier list are a summary of how successful this character is in a match-up, what advantages and disadvantages the character has, etc. Characters like Spinal, Kan-Ra, and Fulgore topped that list because they had a toolbox that facilitated their gameplan quite consistently. Other characters like aganos and omen on the far end of the stick were low tier because their toolbox was hard, or even in some cases, impossible to use in certain match-ups. This is all my season 2 knowledge though, i don’t know tiers for season 3 yet.

So if I’m understanding this right it’s about the ease accessibility for a character?

not necessarily, fulgore is a dificult character to master, but if you do, you have SO MANY TOOLS to win lol. However Jago has a straight forward toolbox, but not many ppl have been top tier with him. That’s why I say it’s also about the player using them.

I’m surprised there are few “top tier” Jago’s the Jago army is real when I play. Seems very popular.

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Too early IMO. But I can say confident: this season seems very even between the characters. Some of the more loopsided MU in s2 seems more fair IMO

Wel that’s just my opinion. there are A LOT of jago’s, but there are few ELITE jago’s. does that make sense?

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Once you’ve swam the jagocean there is little to be surprised by.


A character is what the player makes of them, up until the player closes in on some theoretical optimal strategy of play for that character (a player’s abilities can’t make their performance with a character arbitrarily strong, unless the game is busted), at which point it’s more-or-less entirely about how strong the character’s combat design is and what the character’s limitations inherently prevent the player from doing. Tiers are about charting the strength of the character at this theoretical optimal level (with some leniency allowed for techniques which are too impractical for even the best players to ever perform consistently), relative to other characters.

In practice player skill can and does make up for tier disparity from time to time in competitive play, but competitive players definitely come up against character limitations in a way which makes (well-made) tier lists matter a lot.


Crystal clear.


That does make sense. That seems to go with the general difficultly with mastering KI. It’s very easy to pick up and start playing but it’s very difficult to master and become the best.


Oh yeah. I think the game is more advanced on mind games because it introduced the combo breaking mechanic.

Omen, Glacius, Aganos, Arbiter all seem very, very good

I don’t know about pro play, but I for the life of me can’t deal with Rash. Tusk is also very strong. Kim Wu and Arbiter feel appropriate.

I think even if a tier list was made this early if people universally agree on character placements even his early still could have some validity

for example in SF5 it is pretty much universally agreed that Chun-li is the best character in the game at the moment (top 3 at the very least)…Whereas pretty much every other character (Especially M. Bison and Mika) are often put all over the place in different tier lists which makes their official placements less valid

for season 3 I think we can all agree…Fulgore is top 3