Season 3 Stream 3/6 up NOW

Go ahead and tune in, it’s on kiets personal channel


great, will watch it soon

Some Highlights so far:
-Fulgore’s stage is great again!
-While not seen, Kim’s accessories are her jacket, her belt, and her hair
-Kim’s Color 2 has black hair now
-Sadira and Thunder’s stage look good.
-You can actually see stuff going on in Orchid’s computer set up
-Lots of taunts
-Tusk is not broken, as predicted. However, 2 crouching heavy anti-airs add up to close to 60% damage. The pokes are real.
-Thunder is good. Like, very good.
-Arbiter color 2 is a cool color with nice contrast to Color 1. I’d probably use it more personally.
-ALWAYS go for Shadow Dragon Kick ender with Kim Wu. It hits like a truck. 6 hit 34% all light combos anyone?
-Riptor’s stage looks good and she plays great
-Rash’s Tongue can eat a thrown Peacemaker
-Spinal searing skull is now a great linker
-Rash can hold you in his air for 60-80 frames before throwing you
-Tiger’s Lair/Shadow Tiger’s Lair both have more detail and the statues are super shiny!
-Rash defaults to Kan-Ra’s stage because if the portal.
-Omen is really good. Omen vs Tusk is rough on Tusk.
-The purple shadow effects are looking better on certain characters.
-Kim Wu’s face has improved, and Tusk’s face is better on certain stages.
-There are a few bugs, such as anti-air Posession with Hisako, and Shadow Jago’s dash being cancelable earlier, that are being worked on
-On Tusk’s stage, both the Polar Bear and the Seal get out ok :slight_smile:


loving mostly what i see so far.

Is there a YOUTUBE video???


Yes, please link a YouTube video! I am at work. :frowning:

What’s his channel?

Killer Instinct look so much nicer now … look at the lighting … Kim Wu’s blue lights on those BG’s … looks smoother now too … shadows looks mighty fine too … wow … didn’t think it could be improved much …

missed any orchid mu
hopevthe youtube upload happens soon

i caught an aria vs kim match-

taunts…as in everyone has more taunts or…do they have different intros…deatils man!!!sorry I don’t have time to watch the stram cause work

I was just noting that @TheKeits wouldn’t stop taunting.

awe…bummer…got my hopes up

We have fun together. We pick on eachother, taunt, and teabag. Its the midwest friendly way.


While I’m not from the Midwest I can certainly relate. Whenever me and the girlfriend are playing together all forms of “respect” that I’d show in matchmaking go out the window. Full Ultras, teabagging, and creative use of taunts and other various moves to try and illustrate a vulgar meta dialogue. :stuck_out_tongue:

can anyone pro ide a screenshot of Orchid?

That was an awesome stream! I caught a few hours here and there. Wish I could’ve seen more, but thanks for doing it!

Yeah Tusk’s face looked great on some stages. I was confused as to why that was given that it was the same build. Guessing it’s just the lighting?

I know one of you took a bunch of screenshots of the stages so you might as well post it now :slightly_smiling:

Grabbed this. Hard to steal pics from the stream cause it’s so shaky and blocky, even at source.


woow can wait until march the 29th for the new look the only stages i did not like before was Aganos, Glacius and Thunder the most, now with the new look and graphics. all stages are awesome.