Season 3 soundtrack?

You are speaking of the incomparable Mick Gordon track for Arias stage.

It’s on iTunes

If you want the better version look up ‘rkosmik aria komplete dynamic’ on Youtube

That’s the title of Fulgore’s theme. ‘.Execute’ is the title of Aria’s theme

OK, I can’t take it anymore. The DE is out and no word on the soundtrack. I need to know info on the soundtrack’s content and release badly. I have come to a point that I don’t even care about SL anymore until I have my soundtrack fit. Priorities first.

So I kindly ask anyone who has already opened their DE box and popped in the soundtrack CD to tell me what’s in it - song listing, running times, etc.

Also, I would very much appreciate if the devs or anyone responsible for the soundtrack’s digital release could give some info on the soundtrack’s release date, content, pricing, places where it will be sold, etc.

Or I will hold my breath until I get an answer. :mask:

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You might have to wait just a little bit longer: I don’t think GameStop opens until a little bit later in the morning. (For the record: I’m not getting the Definitive Edition because OH MY GOD IG you can’t have all my money)

But I’m also excited to hear the official cuts with you!

Forgot about the timezone (I don’t live in the US) but still I saw some people posting on Twitter yesterday already unboxing their DE and thought maybe one of them could come by the forums and share the info with the rest of us.

But what really got me down is the complete absence of news regarding this subject. Even the official KI Twitter page hinted at it yesterday, but then only silence… the same silence that answered my many posts questioning about the soundtrack (one thread in particular was even shut down).

I know SL is the big thing right now but I am actually more excited about the soundtrack than anything else. I’m not getting the DE either because I already paid it x3 over the last 2 years (plus shipping expenses since I would have to import it) and I’m not that crazy about Pold / Glatinum Gargos.

All I REALLY wanted right now was the S3 soundtrack… and a revisited Riptor theme if we lived in a perfect world. But since we don’t, S3 soundtrack would do.

Check the definitive edition thread, someone posted the tracklist yesterday.

Really? Awesome! Thanks.

EDIT: Just saw the tracklist and was extremely disappointed… Apparently it’s just a “demo CD” with 12 songs from all 3 seasons (4 from each season).

I sincerely hope the S3 soundtrack still gets a digital release with all themes. And I would really appreciate if @rukizzel or any of the devs could give some more info about this.

Stay tuned…

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Ya I’m getting furious over the fact no one will tell me if the DE comes with the interactive map and never before seen art like advertised and the only answer I get is I don’t think it’s on there.

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Well, finally there’s a date! October 25th! I was hoping for something a bit sooner than a whole month… but at least we got a concrete date!
Here’s hope that the month’s wait is due to extra tweaks to the current songs, much like Mick did before the official release of past season soundtracks.
Given that there will be a sort of “void” left by the absence of a remastered “classic” soundtrack (previous soundtracks were half brand new songs and half remastered soundtracks of either KI1 or 2) I was wondering if we would be treated with something nice like demos, unused songs, remixes or, say, a nice little Riptor theme revisited? :grin:


ALL THE TRACKS ARE IN THE DEFINITIVE EDITION APP. Listen to them. They’re really good along with all the extras!

Yes the season 3 soundtrack is on the DE

I LOVE the new season 3 main theme.

You can also listen to any song made in life ever while viewing concept art/ character viewer/ etc ( the character gameplay videos seem pretty low quality for this edition, but oh well)

True, but you gotta keep in my that They’re on disc, which also includes the games and other content, So they couldn’t fit full hd video and everything else all on one disc. I would’ve wanted to better quality video but I understand why they couldn’t :slight_smile:

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Can anyone please write down the full tracklist and the songs’ names from the app?

This really got me puzzled. If the soundtrack is already fully available in one way, why wait another month to release it online? I’m sure there will be lots of users ripping the audio and uploading the songs very soon…

Also, what other things can we find in the app? I heard there were character bios and an interactive map? What’s that anyway?

I posted it for you below

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Cool! Thanks.

Looks like the artwork is mostly recycled from what we were treated to in the Ultra Fan Book (at least for Season 1 stuff) and what we unlock in-game.

Now I know how the soundtrack is arranged - by season instead of a single tracklist with all songs together. This makes me wonder (and hope) that the version of the S3 soundtrack released in that app is a quickly assembled version and that the version that will be released in a month will include extra edits and mixes, resulting in lengthier songs, much like what happened in the previous soundtracks. If that’s not the case, then why postpone it for so long, especially when people have already begun audio-ripping it and putting it online for free?

Still got nothing about that mythical interactive map, though…

the map is mostly the shadow lords globe of earth and surprisingly I did not know Orchids and all stages are actually based on real locations on earth.

Rebel Outpost is in Africa! And for the first time they acknowledge she is known as Black Orchid.

Her S1 bio and Ultra Fan Book said it was located in “war-torn Eastern Europe”!
I guess they keep changing their backgrounds as the story evolves…

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