Season 3 Pricing

I feel so insulted as a customer right now its not even funny.

Why? The prices are amazing and they’re making it right to anyone that got screwed over from buying early. This has been one of the most customer pleasing days in a long time.

It should be obvious as to why, loyal customers are getting SCREWED

What? No, I mean a new character would be a bit much to expect – especially if they have to work from scratch to design, prototype, model, texture, animate, create audio for, QA, promote, etc, the entire character. They did something like half of those things for Shago, and we couldn’t buy him with KI gold. That’s a lot of resources, and they’re just throwing 18K of KI gold at a lot of S3 buyers, so I’d expect them to want real money for that kind of effort under most circumstances.

I guess I could be wrong, though. Like I said, I won’t be surprised if they announce a new character for the tournament fund, which we’d have to pay for, but that money doesn’t go into their pockets.

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That new character should be free to anyone who bought all 3 ultras at launch, as a way to make things right for them ■■■■■■■ us over.

The hell are you talking about?

In what way are loyal customers getting screwed? We’ve had this game for three years now, it only makes sense that the older seasons get big price drops.

I am not gonna explain it again, read my posts. They screwed the loyal customers, end of discussion.

Yeah, but 60 dollars for all 3 ultras, and season 3 ultra is still 40 dollars for everyone else? Thats a bit much, its not right.

Gotcha. I misunderstood your comment.

Could you link to the post where you made your point?

I will sum it up.

All 3 ultras for 60 bucks

Season 3 ultra is still 40 on it’s own

Loyal customers are getting screwed.

You know what happens when you buy games day one? You pay the maximum amount of the games worth for having it day one. You wait a year for GOTY edition for far cheaper. I bought MKX premium edition day one on pc… guess what happened 6 months later? this is how games are sold and handled… how did you not expect it?

You’re only getting screwed if you’re viewing that $60 price points as:
S1 Ultra: $20
S2 Ultra: $20
S3: Ultra $20.

But because the other two seasons are 3 to 2 years old It’s actually:
S1 Ultra: $10
S2 Ultra: $10
S3 Ultra: $40.

It is 20 dollars per ultra, stop trying to justify them overcharging for season 3 for the loyal customers, they absolutely are

So…the most recent content is where most of the value lies? I mean, that seems right to me.

I mean, I don’t know. I’d prefer they dropped the 1 week character exclusivity for Ultra owners stuff, and I don’t care enough about cosmetics to get much use out of premium costumes/accessories, a lifetime XP booster, or a pile of KI gold. But I don’t feel “screwed”.

You also drew some comparison with MKX Kombat Pack 2, which…is $20 for 4 characters, right?

Well then stop saying really silly things. How do you not understand that value goes down for everything over time, and that charging the most for your latest item is just standard practice?

I understand now that fair pricing isn’t Microsoft’s MO, I can’t believe Iron Galaxy thought the 40 dollar price for season 3 ultra was fair, especially since we know what we know now.

No you’re choosing to view it that way. The older content gets priced cheaper. This like getting mad that Gears of War Ultimate gave away every game in the series for just $40.

Iron Galaxy shouldn’t have anything to do with the pricing of Killer Instinct season 3. Microsoft as the owner of the studio makes decisions on price, release date and sales regarding the game. Iron Galaxy just make the game so if you want to be mad I would suggest you direct it at corporate.