Season 3 Pricing

So I bought the Season 2 pack while it was on sale for 13.20 and the S3 ultra for 39.99 and now this pack comes out which is going to be a net loss since I would still have to purchase S1. I don’t think that I can get a refund on the previous purchases so I guess I am stuck in this situation which kind of sucks since there was no info on if there would be a bundle at all.

contact xbox support they’ll help you out.

I really hope there’s a way for you to talk to someone and get a refund. At least you’re not out $120 when you should only be out $50. WHEW… those situations are gonna be a customer service cluster(*#$

Call Microsoft customer service and explain the situation. Since it’s a pre-order; I’m sure they can help you out. Credit or something

I am in the same boat, as well as alot of others. With the lack of any information, it was hard to gauge if it was wise to take advantage of the deal or wait it out. Keep me updated on your status if you find anythign else out…

That Win10 pricing is insane… 50 bucks for EVERYTHING. Season 3 alone is 40 for Xbox users.


Well I am working with the customer service rep and we’ll see what comes of it.

Xbox players can probably wander over to the Windows 10 store and pick up that deal too, due to cross-buy. Unless @rukizzel wants to inform us of some weird edge-case exception that prohibits this, that is.

That said, most Xbox players probably already have everything except season 3.

So after talking to the rep I will be getting a refund on my previous purchases which is cool. Now I need to find out where to buy this new pack since I don’t see it on the Windows store yet.


good to hear the process sounds painless.

yeah it’s driving me crazy i keep typing in ‘killer instinct’ into Win 10’s store and we get nothing but some driftwood apps from s1

Yeah it is kind of annoying but we shall see. According to the page on Ultra-Combo you download the app on March 29th and purchase the bundle INSIDE the game which is odd. I really want clarification on this since I want the 18,000 KI gold which is limited time only.

you can hardscope this Link until the 29th lol

It is now my wallpaper.

uuhh… ok, weird placeholder page. I’ll keep typing in ‘killer instinct’ into the search box and hope it picks up that way

The KI Gold is a limited time offer, but I can tell you it is not going away the precise second the game is available.

The game is not in the store at the moment. It will not be up until the 29th.


Buying inside the in-game store isn’t odd. It’ll probably bump you out to the appropriate bundle page on the Windows 10 or Xbox store like the Xbox One version currently does, it’s pretty painless. You are best off downloading the game for free and running a match or two to confirm it’s in working order, anyway.

Also what Rukari said above re: the 18K of gold.

EDIT: also good to hear you were able to get your refund.

I hope this KI gold bonus covers the cost of a potential (secret) s3 bonus character that can be purchased with it. That would be a nice outcome of “stay tuned”.

Sounds like a bit much. I’d expect costumes and/or other cosmetics.

A bonus character of some kind could be in the cards for a tournament fund, though.

so just to inform, I was able to contact MS support and they were amazing and got my S2 refunded. I suggest you do the same and just buy the supreme edition when it comes out. better deal overall. EDIT: I didnt read any of the newer messages so I might have missed any new info…

Yes if it would cost 18000. But i would expect not all 18000 of course, because that’s excessive.