Season 3 Omen: Bonus Free Edition

IG…Please hear our cries. We know that Omen was (and probably still is) a bonus character; and we are truly grateful for his Season 3 re-balance. But for the love of God, please give him a full color pallet and some new accessories in Season 3. With Omen’s re-balance, I’m sure we’ll see many new faces wanting to master the Herald of Gargos. Season 3’s re-balance seems to convey a sense of equality among the cast of characters, putting everyone on an equal playing field in terms of mechanics. This was a very smart move because people can actually play with the characters they feel intrinsically connected with rather than playing someone simply because they’re better than the rest of the cast …cough…cough… Street Fighter…cough…cough.

Seriously though, the same philosophy that the team used in the decision to give Glacius a dash should apply here as well. Just as it would be disconcerting for a newcomer that a single character doesn’t have a dash, wouldn’t it be disconcerting that a single character doesn’t have all the options that other characters have? Omen has become an integral member of KI’s cast, and he deserves all the benefits that come along with that. Newcomers that are picking up KI for the first time in Season 3 will never know the struggle we endured for Shadow Jago to become a real boy, nor will they care that Omen was a bonus character. In their eyes, Omen is simply another character in our beloved game.


Shadow demons need love too or they’ll seek it out by stealing from others I’m looking at you jago.

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Maybe that is one of the trade offs… eh? @rukizzel @TempusChaoti


Remember that Shago has no accessories, only colors.

I would argue that, aside from the masks, Omen’s accessories are extremely ‘meh’. I would happily trade them for 3 more color palettes.

Totally agree YO. If iron galaxy doesn’t put more accessories on home and then I’m looking to see what the modders will do on the PC version.