Season 3 mode wishlist

What new modes do you want to see in season 3? Personally I would LOVE to see dojo mode for everyone(I mean, I need to get good with ARIA), a campaign mode like mortal kombat 9 and MK X, a mode where we can create our own custom accessories for the characters( e.g make a cyrax helmet for fulgore, or an arcce torso for ARIA) and a mode where we can earn ki gold as rewards. Think of master and crazy orders from super smash bros will u and 3ds.

I think we should still be able to win and be able to use XP and KI gold for characters that are at level 50.

I’ve won so many with my 3 level 50 characters, I need some way to cash in for my Kim Wu when she comes

For single player modes, I would like tag team mode like KI gold, Finish mode, where you can have instant ultras, the option to select music from other stages for practice, a full-fledged character viewer, think of how we saw KIM Wus weapons in the Rash trailer, I’d love to be able to view the characters like w could in the season 1 build, at least like marvel vs capcom said character viewer, where you could hear the character’s theme while viewing and enjoying your favorite customized character.
In a perfect world, I’d be able to perform the moves of the character (without the special effects) while being to view the character.

They said they loved the passion, so indulge us. I passionate,y want a character viewer.

It would be nice to see some sort of xp/currency that you could collect from your high level characters and then use to get accessories etc. for your lower rank guys. There are several F2P games that do this - including World of Tanks. Just a thought. It’s sort of aggravating to go online and fight with your main and realize that you are basically tossing out all this xp into the wind.

This is actually how season 1 worked isn’t it? What with the kp and all. They changed it going into season 2. Unless you mean you only get it from maxed out characters. Though that would make ki gold pointless.

There’s another topic like this in the general section, if I’m not mistaken, so I’ll post what I posted there with one addition:

XP Rush Mode: I feel like this game needs more ways to earn a greater amount of XP. Or more specifically, if that’s your main focus at the moment… You want to unlock everything for your favorite character or even for the whole cast, there should be a specific mode for you.

In this mode, you’d be in a faux-tournament, and you’re given tasks to complete by a shadowy silhouette.

"I’ve got a wealthy backer that wants to see you win this whole thing. But you’ll have to show him what you can do. In your next match, he’ll give you 100 bonus XP for doing the following:

-Ultra combo
-Combos above 30 hits
-10 manuals
-Use every ender you have"

Then the next match:

“My backer’s impressed, but he wants you to show off a bit more. He’ll give you a 1,000 XP if you can perform a double ultra in your next match, but he’ll take 200 XP if you don’t.”


“My backer wants to see Jago go down… Hard. He’ll tack on 25XP every time you throw him. You throw him less than five times, he takes away 50XP. Also… 500 bonus XP for a Supreme Victory.”

So yeah… There could be lists of stuff to do for each match, maybe some small, negative outcomes if you don’t reach certain milestones. But the point would be the focus on gaining XP. As you go on, the tasks get harder, but you don’t move on until you complete at least one assigned task, but you can go back and replay to finish the ones you missed.

I believe Mortal Kombat 9’s tower was something similar to this. I’m not proposing anything too crazy or outlandish, like fighting on the ceiling or whatever they did in the MK9 tower. But give each character their own “backer” and you go through “the tournament,” defeat every character until you get to Gargos and then defeat him for a bigger bonus. Maybe even get an unlockable of some sort.

Yeah, but not exactly. IN season 1 you got in game currency for accomplishing missions and achievements. These would pop up semi randomly in a list. You could spend this money however you wanted, including on accessories and colors for characters. But some things were locked behind specific achievements - like the infamous “win 40 ranked matches with this character” color unlock. So, in some ways the “play and earn xp” with this character was an improvement because it got rid of some of these randomly locked colors and made it just progress up a straight ladder. The problem is now, once you’ve maxed out a character you get nothing. So I think you should be able to transfer that xp somehow towards unlocking things for other characters. It’s just an idea.

Yea I was just asking for clarification to make sure I understood what you meant. I definitely wouldnt mind this though.

i would like to see a tournament mode/cup mode, where you can vs up to 15 human opponents online or 15 cpu opponents.

Tag team would be great! an MK style story mode

I do think season 3 should include more single player modes just like the old days!