Season 3 clips from Gamespot

Check it out guys, here’s some clips of S3 fighters from Gamespot’s youtube! What do you all think?


YO! in one of the clips, the arbiter sticks a grenade, runs in for a combo, and uses instinct to get a shield and keep himself safe from the nade! High level tech revealed already!

OMG Arbiter’s ultra!


Okay, putting the fanboy aside… Tusk suffers from early model face like the rest of the roster has throughout the development of KI… it looks rather rough and unfinished, so hopefully they will fix that. But his gameplay looks awesome! :smiley:

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Spoiler, Keits taught me a fun trick or two. You’ll see them today. Grab > nade > LK > grab > nade goes boom in air > recap.

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Hopefully tonight’s stream will be the build with his ultra in it and a bit more polish

JUST saw that! i cant wait to get my evil little hands on him! Muahahahaha!

To go from the release info to watching this clip. How am I supposed to focus at work the rest of the day. Looks great.

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So, what is Arby’s ultra rhythm? I can tell it’s something from Halo, but I can’t quite hear it with all the stuff happening in the background

Did you listen to the version in the article? I worked hard on capturing that yesterday, gosh!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s mainly the sounds that come when the Scarab comes in and crashes through the wall. That portion is somewhat hard to hear.

For once, I will agree that Tusk’s face is not great.

But I am so excited and impressed by his gameplay. It looks like he is actually wielding a badass sword in stead of just having it as a decoration. I am so hyped…

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The way he swings that thing…
Oh goodness me.


Tusk is immortal…

I swear Rash’s Swinging ball looks like a big ole TESTICLE!!! lol


A very green and somewhat scaly testicle… but yes. XD
But it’s only fair, as he seemingly doesn’t have any balls.

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It sounds like the first few notes of the Halo monk chant, that repeat and escalate to higher notes.

Tusk looks sick! The damage he can do OH MY GOD! :dizzy_face:

SO much epicness! :heart_eyes:

The face… Need some work. Looks like something we could call tuskximiliam. The game play. Looks really amazing. Reminds me soul caliburs repel/Parry system. 8/10