Season 1 Retail/Combo Breaker Pack: How to play Offline for S1 final iteration?

Title. I’ve ehard about moving saves to external HDD’s and the game as well, but not sure if anyone has a definitive set of instructions.

Possibiliity of new content/videos etc if I am able to do this without breaking the game.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

If you are wanting to play as the final season 1 game state before TJ’s addition, pretty sure you’re gonna need on of the old KI physical discs of the vanilla version, which are hard to come by now. Basically you move the currently updated title and all your save data to a safer, secure location like an external hard disk drive. Once you do that, you use the older disc version to install the old season 1 version on to your Xbox One.

Once you do this, you’ll have to play offline, otherwise if you’re connected to Xbox Live, it will force update the game before you can even play.

You may be able to find a copy online or at gamestop stores if you try, but it’s a bit of a stretch. It’s about the only way to play that older version.

I have a copy of the disc myself, but I’ve never really been tempted to try and play the old season version. So I’m not sure how well this works or not. Though I’m willing to bet someone here has tried it before.

Why would you need to save all of your data on a hard drive?

All of your KI files are backed up on the cloud, I’ve deleted and uninstalled KI dozens of times and whenever I fire it back up it “syncs” the data and everything is as it should be.

I’d assume you would just have to completely uninstall KI then disconnect from the internet and then reinstall the season one disc. Easy peasy.

Well, KI’s file size is around 50 GBs, and for some internet connections, that takes a while to download again, which is kind of a task especially if you wish to repeat the process frequently. Plus, it’s an extra level of insurance in case something goes wrong and you can’t synch with MS’s cloud service or something.

Thanks for the reply, but do I really have to use a new account that hasn’t played the game before? I could just move the game to a hard drive with my saves etc and just play offline couldn’t I?

Thanks for all the help from everyone else though as well.

Well said. Not all of us have 100 mbps download speeds :smiley:

I’m looking forward to giving this a shot, but don’t want to go in “blind” as it were.

The reason for the new account is to prevent from corrupting any current saves that would be overwritten if you attempted to go far back into an earlier patch.

Even if you move saves, I still wouldn’t risk it due to cloud/server saves as they may be effected by reverting to an earlier patch. I.e. losing KI gold or astral gems and that sort of thing.

Makes sense. Would there be anywhere where that account information shows up when recording footage? Just wondering as I wouldn’t want people to think I’d taken anyone else’s content etc, which is why I’d prefer to use my own acocunt if I can do it reliably. That and I don’t want too many accounts kicking around if you get my drift.

Also, thanks for the quick responses on what might be considered an old topic. It’s very kind of you.

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Well, there’s one part on the Xbox Dashboard where your real name will show up, right next to your gamerpic. It’s like a small scrolling thing that cycles through on a display, rotating in and out with your gamerscore, and some other miscellaneous stats. You can turn that off though in the settings, as well as control who on your friends list can see your real name.

In game however, your new gamertag will show up on your fight card and above your health bar during a match. You can turn this off, but only in replays.

Other than that, I don’t really think there are many places account info shows up.

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Didn’t think of that.

Just wanted to ask as well. Might sound like a ridiculous question, but how are the menus structured and is there anything odd I need to know about when running S1 offline?

I actually just ordered the S1 disk. It’ll be here Tuesday. Since I have 2 XB1s I intend to try to set it up and try it out. Looking forward to using Fulgore’s sk-eye laser again.

I know how to move the game to and from an external drive, but can’t figure out how to back up my save. Any tips?

Also, anything else I should know other than creating an account etc?

If you create a separate account, just use it, and so long as you don’t play the game with your main account there really isn’t a reason you would need to back up any saves, but as far as how to do it, I don’t know for sure.
And I don’t know if it would matter to you since you can’t see the retros anyway, but if you want to unlock them you can copy the S1 Ultra pack file from your KI files on the external hard drive, and S1 will still be able to use it. It only unlocks the retros for Jago, Sabrewulf, and Glacius though…it seems the rest aren’t in the build. I haven’t tried Shadow Jago yet… I might do that later and let you know…though if you remember in S1 he was just a straight-up Jago clone.

Oh yeah, and make sure to disconnect from the internet so it won’t update to 3.8.2… though you probably already know that, I thought I’d add it in just in case.

Just thought I’d let everyone know I’ve managed to get Season 1 working. The menu structure is actually pretty easy to get to grips with - the column/row structure saves you going into a bunch of menus other than the ones you need to.

Fulgore plays different in so far as his teleports are very tricky to get even once, his lasers are differently directed and you have to charge the reactor. But I actually don’t mind this version of Fulgore - I’ll have some footage up relatively soon where I actually get beat a fair few times - I wonder if the difficulty was higher than I’d expected… :smiley:

I also have Jago gameplay as well and I manage to complete around the world a few times as well.

All in all, it feels different but I like both the old and the new.

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