Screenshot Challenge #2: AIRBORNE

Welcome to the second installment of the KI Screenshot Challenge! This week’s theme is going to be Airborne.

That means I wanna see your best high-flying snaps. I recognize it’s not necessarily easy but I have faith in you all!

If you want to check out the first set, here’s the link.

I’ll take my favorite 5 or so and feature them in the next blog and the winners might end up with a shiny new badge to show off.

I look forward to seeing what you guys got for me! :heart:

PS - Here’s the first challenge.


I think this one qualifies

Considering it’s a screenshot from a clip on my phone I hope it’s not too low resolution :sweat_smile:


Ok so this week I got two Cinders battling out on the training stage. I turned off motion blur and removed the HUD to try to bring more focus to the characters. I had another one where they just went straight at each other, but this one looks cooler (or maybe hotter?).

Is it :fire: fire vs fire :fire:, or :fire: fire vs scalding water :thermometer::droplet:?

EDIT: Fudge it. I’m adding the horizontal version.



Opponents who constantly jump in are annoying, but Aganos knows how to deal with them with a flick of his fingers.


Snapped a few instances of crazy shenanigans from a replay, up, up we go!


Airborne, eh?


The Bigger They Are…

I gave this week’s Screenshot Challenge theme of “airborne” some thought, and I decided to go retro with it by taking a photo of one of the earlier battles between Aganos and Kan-Ra using my favorite colors and accessories for the retro skins.

A gold-plated Aganos just feels right since he is actively serving his king, and I’ve always appreciated Kan-Ra’s strange restraint-themed accessory set- it’s so bizarre-looking (and I like the seafoam green metal corrosion details! Nice touch!), and I can imagine that he would use the blind-helmet during his meditations regarding dark magic and connecting to the Astral Plane. Aganos paid the price for wandering into one of Kan-Ra’s lairs that day…

While Aganos isn’t very high in the air in this screenshot, I managed to capture the moment where you’d cringe and think “Oooh- That’s going to hurt!” :laughing:



I wish that more people threw their screenshots into the mix- the screen shot challenge idea is such a fun one, and I’d like to see how more of you would handle the creative challenge. Here’s hoping that more of you jump onboard the next one! :camera_flash:


Has it ended? I keep forgetting to do it once i get home and start playing.

I don’t know, but since @snickerdoodle hasn’t put together this week’s blog post, I say hurry up and get your snapshot in while you can! HURRY!!! :astonished:


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Man, the middle one capture is incredible! I never saw a combo breaker so high ground like that!

I don’t know if the contest already ended but here is another counter breaker in air.

Btw, nice butt Sadira!


I think that was after that Riptor caught me with shadow tail flip, I caught some serious air!

OMG! No wonder I lost… Here I am trying to win a match and Sadira goes full … well you know what… She even put an exclamation point on her toosh!

That’s it… Hisako all the way. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’m gonna move them to biweekly vs weekly. So you guys have 2 weeks to take shots and everything.

Putting my blog together now! <3