Introducing the KI Screenshot Challenge!

Hey all!

This is something new I want to do with you guys. I’m going to be holding weekly (or maybe biweekly - we’ll see!) screenshot challenges. I’ll pick my favorites next Monday and collect them and showcase them for the community.

Some weeks will be themed, some weeks will be up in the air. (Side note: if you have theme suggestions, feel free to suggest them!)

To kick things off, I want to see your favorite combo of fighter, color, and map. Easy enough, right?

So get to it! I want to see those photography skills in action! :camera_flash:


Is this a tongue twister? Im not quite following the specifics? “Combo of fighter?”

Basically pick your favorite fighter (and whatever skin/color you want) and your favorite map. Play a match and take a screenshot for me!

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Ah ok… just checking. Wasnt sure if this was supposed to be a tricky question on purpose lol
Thanks for clarification!

You’re overthinking things. :wink:

Im good at that!

Can they be edited?

Hmm. Let’s say no for now.

I can totally do a “photoshop to your heart’s content” challenge one week but I’d like everyone to have the same chance for now. :slight_smile:

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Ok I’ll start. It’s basic, but I never claimed to be a great at doing this. Also motion doesn’t translate well to still-frame so I had to toss out many contenders.

So anyway, I took this on the Steam version “fighting” against myself. Rash’s retro costumes are the best, but I’m also a fan of Kan-Ra’s gentleman attire. The stage had fire, nuff said. From the screenshot alone, it looks like Rash turned psycho and is gonna dump his mummy friend overboard. :yum:

That is a KI meme waiting to happen

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The Final Battle


Anything? Ok here I go:

My Maya being abused by TJ Combo during a failed tumble kick attempt.


This challenge is…“Magnifique!” lol :smiling_imp:

"The Humpty Dance here’s yo chance to do tha Hump!"


KI EPICS Episode 19 coming soon!!!

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Touch Me and I’ll Break Your Face!

I love Orchid and the color 7 option when on Devil’s Landing. The rain, the rustic feel of the stage, makes the color 7 feel like she’s truly on the war path.

When capturing her arch enemy Sadira in a counter-breaker (and Chris or Mike screaming it), Orchid means business with the dramatic look to her eyes (eye shadow?), the camouflage paint on her arms and legs, and her outfit echos “fire” with the red streaks on a dark-blackish background.


First Picture is really awesome!

Tooth & Claw

I love both Riptor & Sabrewulf, and Maya’s stage & theme are perfect! I might’ve done with Riptor’s purple Color 8 if the pale white Color 5 wasn’t available from the start when she launched early in Season 2.
The “actually looks and moves like a dinosaur” design of the character makes her so much more fun to watch and fight as, I’ve been playing with Predator Stance mixups lately, so the idea to utilize it for a snapshot made too much sense not to play with!

As for Sabrewulf, the feral freak has been my other main since Launch Day, and I instantly dressed him up in his scientist set the moment I unlocked it. It’s weird to fight against another ‘Wulf, because I’m forced to remember what his eyes look like! (Love those goggles!)

Maya’s jungle stage is a treat for the eyes and ears, and the KI team outdid themselves. The moving foliage, creepy-crawlies, crumbling environment, and rapidly approaching thunderstorm all merge perfectly to present a living rainforest environment; the bangin’ theme is the ultimate cherry on top!

Also, it was a special treat when I got to the stage in Riptor’s Season 2 story where she was dispatched by ARIA to take down Sabrewulf, leading to an epic fight in the werewolf’s lab. (So cool!) These beasts are far and above my favorites; even if they don’t get along at all! :t_rex::purple_heart::wolf:



Thank you to everyone who participated!

You check my favorites on this week’s blog!