Scorpion KI Design

I am a big supporter of Scorpion in Killer Instinct as a guest. And one unique thing about him potentially being in here, is that the KI team would probably get to redesign him. I mean, he’s mean design changes every single game, and they went out of their way to have Jim Lee redesign him when they put him into Injustice as a guest character. So what do you guys think scorpion would look like in KI? I honestly can’t think of anything, but I’m bad at this sort of thing.


I would have somebody draw out what he would look like and then just post it on here. Who knows? We may end up getting a KI x MK game in the future with the Free 2 Play model.

No more guest characters.


I don’t think we’ll get him, and I personally don’t want him, but if it does happen, I would be happy with his Injustice appearance as his default and his retro resembling his MK1 or MK2 appearance. I’d also like 1 of his accessories to be his head, so you can go with the skull appearance. Heck, they could take that a step further and go the triborg route with a frozen mask and/or unmasked w/scarred eye with a blue color for Sub-zero and a reptile face and tongue and/or tooth-filled mask with green color for Reptile. The original MK trifecta.



Personally I kinda liked his MK9 design

The only costume I’ve ever liked for Scorpion is his MKX main one.

But I never liked Scorpion as a character. He is supposedly a ninja, yet he does nothing than yell “REVENGE!!!” throughout the series. There’s absolutely no stealth or ninja-like about him one bit. It’s the whole “put a mask on it and call it a ninja” trope that irks me so very much. He is a one-note character who had absolutely no character development and only had a very basic and boring background story.

… Until the MKX comic. That’s when he finally evolved as a character. At least a few steps forward. And then he finally got closure in MKX. Hopefully in future games, he will be something more, something else. But until then, I will be as disinterested in him as I’ve ever been. And I would definitely never want him to be a guest character in KI.

As a MKXL player, I have enough of him.


Do NOT like scorpion as a character. Talk about a used slot…

Shorchid is WAY more welcome than an overrated character such as scorpion.

At least Scorpion is an original character design.
Can’t say that about Shadow Orchid. She doesn’t even exist yet.

I would’nt mind scorpion for a guest character. What about the moves. Man, with his chains and fire. Already thinking about some nice combos. :smile:

And then his Ultimate… Drag you with him into the deep fires of hell. :smile:

If a scorpion makes it, it would be nice something like this:

OH, you mean the MK character?

Yeah, not interested


W e G e t I t

@anon39655210 what’s funny is, Rpeitle is the most ninja like character and people keep saying he isn’t because he doesn’t look like a human. Even though Ninja is an occupation. Not a race. lol. Reptile spies on people, he’s stealthy, etc. etc. Scoprion and Sub-Zero don’t do that.

On that note I love scorpion as a character he’s my favorite MK character…but I honestly don’t think it’d be a good idea to include him unless Netherrelm puts Fulgore in MKX. I doubt this will happen at all.

I wouldn’t say Reptile, I’d still say Scorpion or Noob. Scorpion knows Ninjitsu, has a kunai, ninja-like swords for quick combat, and is the leader of his own clan (which are ninjas). Before MK9, Noob was pretty much a ninja. Throwing stars, invisibility, clone attacks, etc.

Point I’m making: Reptile is every bit as ninja if not more so because of ninja’s role in real life. Ninjas are known more for stealth and sneaking around and while Reptile does get into fights, it’s inevitible because it’s MK game, Ninjas rarely get invovled in direct combat. Just cause Reptile isn’t human, doesn’t mean he isn’t any less ninja. If Ninja was a race you had to be born a ninja to even be one, and since people aren’t generally born a ninja well then we’re getting convoluted and silly : P

To stay on topic; I love Scropion as a character, been a fan since childhood, but I don’t see his inclusion working unless Netherrelm puts Fulgore in MKX which may give me a reason to go back to it.

I don’t see MKX getting any more content. I think it’s done if NR are following it’s usual schedule of game production. We could see Fulgore as an Xbox exclusive character for MK11.

Apparently not, since people keep suggesting them.
And as long people suggest more guest characters, I will continue making this statement.

Can you just not. People are going to have different opinions on the matter, and you can’t stop that. And it’s not like anything we say on the forums actually effects the game’s development unless they ask us directly in a survey or something. So stop being a Debbie Downer and let people have fun speculating.

Ninja is Japanese for assassin. However, the term “Ninja” is used when describing those assassins who are trained in ninjutsu, which is the technique of stealth and assassination developed in Feudal Japan times.
Which is why that, in Mortal Kombat, only Scorpion and Takeda (Scorpion’s apprentice) are ninjas. The other characters, like Sub-Zero, Reptile, Kitana etc aren’t ninjas. However, they ARE assassins! They are just not trained in the same path.

Hence why I hate the modern way of calling everything with a mask for “ninja”… :confused:

Though the Lin Kuei (Sub-Zero’s clan) is a clan of assassins, they are based in China, and Sub-Zero even states outright that he is NOT a ninja, that Scorpion is a ninja, but Sub-Zero himself is Lin Kuei, in MK Mythologies, which is canon. So there’s that.

I’m not preventing people from speculating at all. I am not telling people to STOP making these suggestions and I would never demand these guest character threads to be closed down, just because I don’t want any guest characters in the game.

And likewise, you don’t get to tell me to stop either. So no, I won’t stop.