Save Error...Recover? (Yes) / No - WIPED!

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(This time iam here for my first post btw.)

So…where to begin. !? (Its actually not that easy to know where to start and the root to all of this.)

A story that might be connected to the issue: (Might be irrelevant.) :thinking:
When you have Xbox one controllers that you use for both PC and Xbox One Wireless with the xbox one dongle for pc, you might have the same problem. Everytime you go from one platform to the other you have to “fiddle” with it to work. (What i mean i will explain below.):

You connect the controller to PC and play a bit. And then you want to use your xbox a little later.
Then you can not start your X1 with the controller wireless:ly with middle button anymore.
So to get this to work you have to plug the cord. And its the same thing if you start your console on the console button and try to use the controller wireless:ly and you had it connected to dongle before on PC.

(This might not be affecting everyone!?. Or is this actually the case?.)

Anyways it is a fiddle the other way around as well. But when getting back to the OS from using them on X1 i mostly just need to turn off the controller or take battery out and push the button on the dongle to pair them again. Or pull out the dongle and reconnect. But really? is this the way a both MS & Xbox one controller should “Work”? I mean shouldnt this just work “out of the box” ? I do think it should.

Contacted MS on this matter a lot of times and it should have been fixed with latest software update in controller. This was not the case and still the same process to get em working.

So today i get in contact again and well this is becuse this little bug seem to be related to the big issue that has accured which i will get to soon. I speak to the Tech:s at MS and well its now doc. and hopefully get fixed in later update/patch. Well atleast they are aware of it and can work.

(These are just my thoughts might not be related. And might be irrelevant to main issue.)


Last night i connect my brand new Xbox one controller to PC through dongle and one controller connected corded to the USB to play together with a friend.

(I noticed a problem in another game at first and first gamepad was now set to second.)

So i thought i try to start KI and see if that was working better than other game:

Started > Syncing (Took longer than usual.) “Save game is corrupt” Want to try to recover? (Yes) / No (I pressed yes…had a feeling this would do very bad things already.)
Game loads up…Into main menu…Stats gone…lvl gone…extras gone…shadowlord progress gone…A year or even more that i played this and unlock things are gone.
And also classic costumes for many characters plus KI Gold is also gone. :scream:

So with this very unpleasant feeling…you try restarting becuse this cant be real (!?)
And yes it sure is…it is all WIPED!, so i search for a solution online. And came across people with the same problem and with no solution to this, and that they had to restart their progress…i myself dont have time to do this or the good trust to do it again and might have to restart another time becuse of some weird bug related to my controllers or what ever this bug is in its root.

(Which also was mentioned by others and similiar with Kinnect on the xbox one. So both platforms affected it seems, and with both kinnect and gamepads in “wrong” order.)

So for anyone with same problem (i feel you.) i will later when i have contacted the devs. to see if this can be restored post the solution to this or atleast the way to restore this if possible. Since to start over when your high level and all unlocks and gone through shadow lords a cuple of times and KI gold dont come easy. So yeah it is really the head ache you dont want. And i will start praying now that it is possible to restore the last good backup and get all costumes and stuff back to its current state…I really hope this can be fixed. :crossed_fingers: (<- For luck.)

PS: If you had similiar issues feel free to post as comment.
(I know that there are many who suffered this.) and if you have a solution pls share to.

DS: I will get back to you guys with the solution and on how this goes soon. Sorry if my spelling is bad and for the huge post. But i just wanted it to be into all detail. (Lets see how this goes.)

XzaviDaaz - (PsyrahX)

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