May I ask why the matchmaking system is so broken?

Why you can’t opt into waiting longer for a more ideal matchup like in Halo 5?

And why you can’t back out of a double ultra animation online?


What about it is so broken?

Probably because the devs would rather you play the game than wait for long periods of time. The priority is to match with someone of similar skill level though, so its an ideal system in that sense.
Exhibition exists if you want to play an ideal matchup with someone over and over again.

Why can’t you back out of a double ultra? Well, for two possible reasons.
a) it could be hard to do with the game’s code.
b) it would cause way more issues than it would solve.

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I have always loved that Halo lets you choose your own matchmaking standards. And CSGO is doing some similar things to good effect as well.

I think no harm can be done from having those options.


Please… To this day, I still can’t play CSGO on Xbox. Worst game I ever purchased - and that’s coming from someone that loved CS back in the day.

I would suggest you to not play ranked and play exibition. You can then have preferences of who you wanna fight. You can search for bronze, silver, gold or killer players, and even when someone shows up, you can choose to fight or not.

Go to ranked once you are familiar with the game and you want to try reaching gold/killer/top 32, whatever


It would help if you gave us more details. There are some things, like the pool of available online players, that simply aren’t going to change with better matchup options. I think a setting to toggle to only 5bar connections would be nice, but I have to say I use that setting in SFV and my connections in that game are still way worse on average than my KI connections.

If you are talking about matching skill levels then no matter what exhibition is going to be way better for that.

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Fight shadows in shadow lab or stick to Exhibition and CHANGE THE SEARCH CRITERIA!

So many people do not change the search criteria and back out of the Ready screen as soon as they arent satisfied with the player card they see.I absolutely despise this becasue it wastes my time every day.

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Counter Strike is a PC game. Should NOT have been ported to consoles. Ever.

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Or find friend to do long sets with. :slight_smile: I don’t like exhibition much to many people back out after one round. Makes it hard for me at least to learn.

Yep. PC was where I played it, and was where it was best. That said, I loved the OG Xbox CS. :slight_smile:

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Cs is a masterpiece on PC, but let’s get back on topic before we get scolded. :joy:

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What was the topic again? :disappointed_relieved:

I think it was CS:GO ?
Yeah that game is great!

I moved to PC for that game. Get on my level, pleb!

(CSGO is the only game i play on PC [other than Undertale], and my computer is a potato. I just cant stop playing it!)

EDIT: if i had realized how much the thread was de-railed, i would not have posted this :stuck_out_tongue: . Back on topic…

Matchmaking has been the biggest source of irritation for me in the game. I like seeing objective growth through the gauge of a ranked tier system, it’s addictive. However, upon starting the game 1.5 months ago I quickly learned that matchmaking outright sucks, and anyone who disagrees is probably already a master or killer. It doesn’t wait very long at all before it immediately broadens its search to everything, which is almost always the case I assume due to lack traffic. Nevertheless, there absolutely should be an ability to tune your search options if the system fails so often. Are you up for waiting a few minutes or so to guarantee a good fight? Then have a focused search. Halo 5 has this, Killer Instinct needs it since it doesn’t have heavy enough traffic.

Using exhibition is exactly what I expected to be suggested, which is exactly what I’ve been doing. it serves it’s purpose, unfortunately I do crave that ranked play, so I tried it yesterday for the first time in weeks and I was against almost all killers, one or two were top 32 players, with the unnecessary double ultras with shadow linkers inbetween and all that douchebaggery.

I didn’t want to reply immediately because I didn’t want to go on a salt tirade, and I don’t want that attached to my name. It’s just very unfortunate that exhibition is the only option unless you’re approaching or at a killer skill level.

I want to stress I’m not trying to complain about the game overall, I love it and will continue to play it and support it. It’s just that my personality prefers ranked play. When I played Halo 5 intensely I climbed from little fps experience entirely in solo queue to platinum which isn’t easy because the ranked system kept me right at the threshold of my skill so it’s usually always clear where I screwed up and could have done better, and when I won fights it didn’t feel cheap in regards to both my win or loss. When coupled with a rank to grind out as an objective gauge of growth it kept me -very- motivated to improve.

100% exhibition can sometimes feel like I’m beating a dead horse, and I’m never really sure exactly where I stand in the totem pole which, for me personally, is a huge turnoff in such a competitive game/scene.

I see feel what all of you are sayin’. Before I clicked with this game and became the player I am today, It was a serious grind. Initially, finding players that were better than me was always one of those "ugh" moments especially when they were Killer rank players. I always tried my best to find someone my skill and when I did, I would then attempt to befriend them so we can play and improve together. Over time I accumulated a group of 6 (all together) players that would always practice together. This is where I was able to start improving and enjoyed the grind to “Gitting Gud”, I actually quite literally forgot that it was even a grind at all and just focused on having fun and trying new stuff out. That’s what truly lead to my current skill today.

Moral of the story, Bro, is to find people your skill level and MAKE FRIENDS. Be as nice as you need to be. Practice with them and when you play someone better than you and see some cool stuff, go try it in practice mode.


So I requalified to learn Tusk. I was placed in bronze tier. I fought some Killers in the 1st 10 qualifier matches. I also faced some bronze, silver and gold. It makes sense to fight Killers in your 10 qualifier matches. They have to determine where you place at after all. Once I got in bronze tier, I only fought bronze players with the occasional silver. Nothing above. Once I got to silver, I only fought some silver and gold players. Now I am in gold and face some killers. If you are bronze and can’t beat a silver player, you stay in bronze because you aren’t ready for silver.


Exactly. But I wil lsay when I requalify to learn new characters I don’t like getting placed in Bronze. So when I fought nothing but Literal Pros and top 32’s for all my qualifier matches I was a little upset. I can see where people are coming from.

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I can see it but it isn’t really a problem. You should expect to face pros in qualifiers. Qualifier isn’t the beginners rank. Now facing only pros is weird as well.