I’ve got something that might change that :slight_smile:

Stay tuned

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Change my potato PC? Or my games collection?

Im eagerly waiting, because both sound good :smiley:

The latter. Hope you like indie games :slight_smile:

I’ll leave it there, we gotta stay on topic.

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I’ve been facing a lot of silver and gold players in ranked lately. It’s possible that the search has gotten messed up. But I think it’s important to remember that you can’t fight people who aren’t there. So if you’re Bronze and there’s no Bronzes playing ranked, the greatest search algorithm in the world isn’t going to help you.

You should also keep in mind that taking a loss against a higher tier player doesn’t set you back the way a loss against an opponent at your own rank does. So don’t sweat those losses. You should still see progress in your rank. In fact, since they switched to this system people have complained that it is too easy to advance.

I know it’s frustrating when you want to make progress in ranked, and you get matched up against a bunch of pro star players. But the best way to match skill levels is to seek out similarly skilled players in exhibition and make friends with them.

I’m not bronze, I’m ever so slightly better at silver. And not all killers are made equal, I’ve beaten a number of them, but then some–especially the top 32’s have just slaughtered me.

My experience is mostly gold and killer opponents in silver, then sometimes a low level qualifier or a button masher. Mostly either extreme not often in the middle where I am.

I suppose if it’s just me then it suggests that I’m being both melodramatic and that I’m not targeting all hours like I believe I am–admittedly I am up in the middle of the night playing a lot where there’s likely less casuals.

It just makes me salty when it happens. I’m chill now, and therefore to experiment after some warm up exhibitions I’ll probably play some ranked. It’s 2.30pm eastern US as of this writing, I expect around 3pm I will play ranked. If I get destroyed by killers I’m gonna get salty about and probably come back here and ■■■■■.

I apologize in advance.

Okay after 5 games at 3pm, I’ll admit I got fair fights, only one master but I beat his ■■■ so no worries. The fight I lost was to the same dude I played immediately before and won against, I barely lost and it was clear why. That reason is because I developed some habit to hit back in the middle of combos so when I’m punishing it’s not uncommon for me to suddenly whiff and drop it, sighhh. But all is well.

I’m just so used to competitive FPS where you do need to be on point but it’s intermittent, with fighting it’s nonstop on point. And rather than mindless strafing and hops and stuff you gotta get into their head and anticipate. It uses more brain CPU.

You can just exit the game and restart until they add an option to back out. Sure it counts as a disconnect and a loss but who cares.

Vlad, there are so many things wrong with this line of thinking…

As far as the matchmaking goes, i have no idea how it searches for players. I have found that, oddly, ill see longer waits in exhibition than in ranked. Even in different levels of ranked.

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Yeah backing out eats up more time, but then also it implies that there’s no problem affecting code like was previously suggested.

Teabagging is funny to me, don’t care about that, but long ultras make me salty as hell.

There was added stress trying to fake the funk to killer tier. That’s said, once you reach killer, the stress of unwinnable matches, made via match making, subsides. Then you be like whatever, Mr 10 stars. Pfft. Get bagged.

I know but at least this way I can take away their privilege of landing a double/triple ultra and/or potentially disrespecting me lol jk guys.
Honestly, as fun as this game is, it doesn’t help my anxiety whenever I lose because when I’m on verge of defeat I can’t help but worry that they are about to taunt or tbag me. It shouldn’t bother me I know but still. Anyhow I don’t do it often, it’s only rarely.

My salt is gone. I went on probably a 15 win streak or roundabouts and got very nearly from beginning silver to gold in one go by having no killers matched against me for once. I’m just a tad ways from gold later tonight or tomorrow I’ll be gold for sure