Sale: Razer Atrox Xbox One FightStick

I’m selling my Razer Atrox for the Xbox one on eBay for a very low price. For those who have been wanting to play KI on FightStick but have held back because of the price. It is in great shape almost like new no dents, dings or scratches. I will include everything that came in the box. Also included is the original packaging. Installed green Sanwa buttons and ball top. It’s the least expensive Atrox on eBay at the moment. Here is the listing

Lol My Body is telling me, GET IT, ITS AT A CHEAPER PRICE,

but my mind is like, “You should be saving money Sir…”

And I don’t get paid until friday…

Choices. Lol


The Atrox is a solid stick.

I actually love the green swaps on this; if I didn’t already own 6 Fightsticks, I’d probably buy the crap out of that one :smile:

I know, but I’m like SERIOUSLY hardcore debating this for myself. Like if I got this, I would learn it the best I could before Season 3 and possibly Street Fighter, but It’s hard for me to justify a purchase for a stick I may not even use. And he’s only got it up for a few days, so If I were to get it, I’d have to deposit money, and wait for my paycheck, and by the time that is done, it might be gone. :pensive:

Well… if it’s gone by the time you get that sorted out, you’re not out any money… but yeah, up to you my friend! Just remember - it’ll take you a few days, or upwards of a few weeks, to really get used to using one. But once you’re used to it… man alive, it’s like getting a new pair of robot legs (at least it was for me, haha).

I hope the OP sees these posts, and extends the deadline. But It depends, as I might not get it at all. So OP, disregard this post. :wink:

I used to play in the Arcade most of the time (Even though I’m still young) so If I go back to my roots…There will be no stopping THE OSTRICH

So Fight sticks give you bionic properties? No wonder people use them… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s just a hard decision. If I get it, you better believe I will use it. My friend would totally support it, because he has a fight stick of his own. LOL. But he plays on 360, but nothing a Cronus max or a little PCB modding can’t help. :smile:

There is also 1 @ $96, but you know Ebay. That’s on a bid, and people will attack it around the deadline. Lol

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Oh. And A question. Why do you have so many fightsticks? LOL

Hah, good question!

Xbone - Madcatz TE2 (KI Edition), and a Hori RAP
XB360/PC - Two Qanba Q4s; I swaped out the stick and buttons for Sanra/Semitsu parts
PS4 - Two Hori RAPs

My wife and I play FGs together, and we both grew up in arcades, so we both gets sticks for each console :smile:

That is so amazing. Wow. Lol you’re lucky to have someone that shares your love of Arcades and fighting games! Your wife plays KI right? Why have I not been challenged by her? Lol

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To anyone thinking about stick if you got access to local arcades or a friend with one use it as much as you can. Me my story is i grew up on a semi truck in the 90s i visited alot truck shops mk sf ki nba jam all where there for me. I was never good. Middle school we had a teen center that stayed open till 8 pm had tons of games tekken and mk 3 i believe were the most popular lucky to get in during lunch oe day never was good played fighters on consoles off and on me and friend would play them alot he was amazing sf 2 i was untouchable. 2000 was freshman year in hs i never really played fighters 09 came played sf iv vanila on fight pad for a few month went online sucked quit started playinf fifa. Now im great at fifa win 4000 more games then loses a year. Got ki last year this time when season 1 was on sale ki was hooked got the fighting game bug back i hit a wall on controller then i discovered fight sticks took a huge gamble on black Friday got a te2 new for 170 loved it in a week i was doing everythinf and then some what i was doing on controller. Modded the te2 got a ps4 eventually traded te2 and cash for a atrox dual modded for xb1 and ps4. I still suck at the game but the stick just feels more natural to me the only hard part was finding how to hold the joystick and practing just joystick motions. Wasnr till i watched gooteks video on fight sticks and doing his drills till it finally sunk in took about 2 3 months to be able to 9\10 my specials. It also wasnt till i got a 2lb spring that helped me fling it around crazy like a toy.

That is my story with stick and investing 200+ in one alot of days the salts real and i wanna quit but now that im making friends around my level kis been really fin and encourages me to stay with it.

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I’m definitely damned lucky to have her in my life. She’s been playing Fallout since launch so she’s pretty rusty, but she’ll be getting back into it soon (gotta train for CEO, ya know :wink: )

Hey, maybe if you go to CEO, we can run sets in my hotel room!

I’ve got a 2lb spring in my TE2 and I love it. Also, thanks for sharing your story! :smiley:

I was actually talking about it to my friends, and I have a verdict:

YES. I will try my best to make it to CEO. I need a Runback anyways. LOL

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I’m trying really hard to find a Madcatz TE2 (KI Edition). I want one soooooo bad.

I wish I could help you. There are still a few laying around in game stores here in Tokyo that INCLUDE Shadow Jago codes.

If I ever go to Tokyo I will do 3 things:

  1. Buy Tons of merchandise, and a MadCatz TE2 KI Stick since those are rare here.

  2. Probably hang out with @BoJima404 for a while. Tour Guide Road Trip hype! :smile:

  3. Talk to everybody, because I’ve heard there that when a foreigner goes there and speaks English, everyone feels the need to go talk to that person. At least what I’ve heard from some people I know in the Military. He was only probably talking to the Girls… :smirk:

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Someone was recently selling one locally on craigslist for $100 a few weeks ago… I was shocked. Felt like writing him and telling him he was insane but I figured… hey, why not let someone snag it for $100? I just hope it wasn’t a scalper…

What is that? Inform me, so it doesn’t happen to me…Is it something obvious?


Just kidding :laughing: Well, I am stuck here for a while due to work so I might still be around a few months if not longer…

To the people interested I will continue to post it for 2-3 weeks if it doesn’t sell. Also I rarely used it since right after I purchased it, the KI TE2 went on sale for the last time from Madcatz. So I’ve been using my TE2. I personally love the feel of the Atrox a lot better than the TE2. Only reason I’m selling my Atrox is because the TE2 is the KI stick.

Oh that makes sense. Ok. Thanks for the update dude!