Sadira Season 3

Spinal didn’t get stagger, Flipout or recapture either.

Nor did Glacius. Not every character needs to get every, or even any, of the new system mechanics in order to be interesting and/or viable.

Fair enough guys. Thanks for clearing that up for me. See, I knew you’d keep me right.

I’m pretty excited for salticide, it’s gonna be some seriously nasty stuff our top guys will come up with

@webnragnarok @r1stormrider thanks for the kind words. Just lost stuff, and that’s replaceable. I did get a chance to replace one of my consoles (lost X1, PS4, and Wii U) and I chose the PS4. Had to, SFV is exclusive and that’s all she wrote. I’ve played a little of the beta and I’m going with Chun-li until my girl Ibuki his and then reevaluate. I think my PSN tag is dvjr22 or dvj22. My SFV name during the beta was V3rt1g0. Hope i can get that at launch. Try both send me a message and we can play. I’m not sure if I’ll be that good in SFV, time has become a real commodity, so I may be ■■■. Lol.

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anytime man, web nation sticks together (see what i did there lol). anyway im getting streetfighter on the computer, so when we fight it’ll be cross play! hope i can get my stick to work on the damn computer though, i dont think im gonna like the idea of going back to the pad after so long. it feels so awkward

I’ve got a good feeling about Sadira going into Season 3. A damage ender that happens to look AWESOME, a hard knockdown the salticide pogo dive kick of death, EVEN MORE JUGGLE CAPACITY…
Sure she took hints to her damage all around but she’s got some really cool stuff.

Quick question for anyone that was there to test her at KI work cup or can confirm:

Is her damage ender Shadowable in a combo or does the shadow act like it always did?

D+HK was the BANE of my existence. Every Sadira player that did this made it VERY difficult to DP punish their projectile throwing shenanigans when the chance came for it. By the time I’d have a DP set I’d get jumped on.

Now it’s been made to be even more annoying. Hopefully if I get cornered I’ll have time to dash out from under it. Which will hopefully not make it so bad.

But… but… you’re a dinosaur and I must throw webs!

Oh I am more than a dino, I’m also a killer robot who cannot zap you out of the air cause you can just double jump over it and now your air attack canceling stomp which stuffs any anti-air attempts will be even worse. : p

Technically the stomp you are talking about is Widow’s Drop (D + MK) of which does a hard knock down. You can actually DP, if you do it early enough. Jago’s Tiger Fury is invincible during the start up frames.

The new terror move is D + HK (unlike Widow’s Drop) it does hardly any damage. Its sole purpose is to create more mobility options for Sadira.

Yeah if you can guess not many people can get a DP up quick enough for it to matter and not everyone has invincible DPs.

I lost my stick in the flood so I switched to a fight pad. Using the Hori commander 4. I hold it so my button hand rests on it like it was a stick. I think they call it raptor grasp. I adjusted very quickly.

lot better id bet than dumping another 200 on a stick man, really sucks having lost it though. i was considering a fight pad before actually, but went all the way with arcade stick instead

Sadira got some new toys I don’t care if she doesn’t have a stagger or recaputer. She still pretty good and she the charter I have the highest win ratio with.

@MoBVertigo That sounds cool. Once I get my fed return I’m going to buy a Xbox One Elite controller. It looks amazing. A few friends have one and they love it. As I play a lot of shooters as well, it will be amazing to use.

I’ll look you up once I get SFV. I won’t be breaking my tradition of only playing as Chun-li since SF2! :smiley:

I had somebody groan when they saw me pop up and said… “Oh crap, the good Sadira!”

After we fought, I had to send him a thank you and we’re now friends. It’s official… I am the “Good Sadira!” WOOT

Goodbye Heavy WB… That’s all I have to say about these changes.

Heavy WB is still unbreakable if used as an opener, and having it breakable during a combo won’t be a bad thing as if people keep breaking them, you’ll now be able to counter break them. When you consider that you generally only used it to add just a tad bit more flare to a combo, even if they break it, 99.9% of the damage is done. I can’t imagine any solid player risking another long string combo by breaking it.

The changes to the shadow counter animation means that it can’t really be used as an opener either.