Sadira offense and defense questions

As promised here is a vid of me using some of Sadira’s tech. This isn’t the best of matches as I was playing around with a guy who honestly had no idea as to how to fight Sadira, but here is a few simple cool things you can do with her jump cancel.

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Wow, thanks a TON for posting that! I was trying to mess around in the lab and jump cancel off of LK and couldn’t get it to work at all, so being able to visualize it certainly helps. Did I see that right toward the end where you can jump cancel off of instinct as well as off of SWB? I’m not sure how often I’d be able to use that, but the combo looked pretty damaging and also cool as hell. I’ll try labbing that up when I get home tonight.

Thanks again!

I’ll give you a cool little cheat as to how to JC SWB or any of Sadira’s WBs and WCs is simply do the QCF or QCB motion, wait a split second and then hit the appropriate button. This DOES take a bit of timing, but it works very well. Another option is just do the traditional sequence of JC, by ending the movement in the UP direction.

Either way, it does take a lot of work to perform this consistently.

The first JC SWB you saw was off of LK, and anytime you get a lockout and have meter, this should be your go to attack.

The other SWB into SWB is something you should learn to do after fishing a lockout during Instinct. It is one of Sadira’s most damaging attacks, and honestly as the individual locked himself out again, I could have carried the combo even further, possibly getting close to 65% damage.

In short, anytime you get a lock out and have meter, you need to buffer in SWB, as it is one of the most, if not the most, damaging Shadows in the game.

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Thanks so much for this, man! I really appreciate it. I honestly didn’t know any of this stuff before, so I’ll definitely start working on it more. Thanks also for the advice on how to time SWB off of LK, as I was really struggling with it before. Finishing with up on the d-pad might be just the thing I need. I don’t expect to get it right away, obviously, but it really helps to have both the timing explained AND to see it in action. Again, much appreciated!